Grand Stanford Hong Kong
  • 70 Mody Road
  • Hong Kong
  • 홍콩
  • 프런트 데스크 +852-2721-5161
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    2:00 PM
  • 체크아웃

    12:00 PM
  • 야간 리셉션 데스크 운영

A hotel limousine or shuttle bus is available to take you from the airport to the hotel. The hotel limousine operates 24 hours a day and the shuttle bus from 6:30am to 11:00pm. These cost HK$700 for 4-seater limousine, HK$800 for 6-seater MPV (deluxe van) and HK$130 per person respectively and should be booked in advance with the concierge or at Exit A (A13 counter) in the arrival hall. Otherwise guests can take an airport taxi which will cost approximately HK$300.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
거리 38 KM / 23.61 마일 WEST에서 호텔까지
택시 요금(편도): HK$350  (HKD)
소요 시간(택시): 40 minutes
기차 요금(편도):  HK$60  (HKD)
소요 시간(기차): 38 minutes
페리 요금(편도): HK$0  (HKD)
Head south on Sky Plaza Road, turn right onto Cheong Wong Road. Continue onto Route 8, take the exit onto Route 3. Take the exit to Lin Cheung Road, continue onto D1a(n) Road and then D1a(s) Road. Turn left onto Wui Cheung Road, turn right onto Canton Road and left onto Kowloon Park Drive. Stay slightly left on Salisbury Road, turn left onto Science Museum Road and take the 1st left to Mody Road.

역 이름: Hung Hom MTR Station
거리 1.0 KM / 0.62 마일 NORTH EAST에서 호텔까지
기차역부터 택시 요금: HK$22  (HKD)

지하철 이름: East Tsimshatsui MTR Station
거리 0.4 KM / 0.25 마일 WEST에서 호텔까지
지하철역 셔틀 포함
지하철역부터 택시 요금: HK$20  (HKD)
1 minute by car to subway station