Hong Kong
  • 18 Salisbury Road
  • Hong Kong
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  • 프런트 데스크 +852-2721-1211
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    2:00 PM
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    12:00 PM

Hong Kong International Airport, South Runway Road to InterContinental Hong Kong (34.6 km) 1 Head east on South Runway Rd 2 Turn right toward Catering Rd W. 3 Slight right onto Catering Rd W. 4 Turn left onto Chun Wan Rd Interchange 5 Turn left at to merge onto Route 8 6 Take the exit onto Route 3 7 Take the exit toward Lin Cheung Rd. 8 Keep right at the fork and merge onto Lin Cheung Rd 9 Turn left onto Wui Cheung Rd 10 Turn right onto Canton Rd 11 Slight left onto Kowloon Park Dr 12. Turn left at the 3rd corss street onto Salisbury Rd 13 Slight left to saty on Salisbury Road (Destination will be on the right side of Salsbury Rd 14 Arrive at InterContinental Hong Kong 11. Turn right at Canton Road and steer to the second lane on left side 12. Steer to the left at Kowloon Park Drive. 13. Turn left at Salisbury Road. 14. Drive on the second lane on left on Salisbury Road. 15, U-turn to the other side of Salisbury Road. 15. Steer to far left and turn left after first set of traffic lights and continue up the ramp to arrive at InterContinental Hong Kong.

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)
거리 36 KM / 22.37 마일 NORTH EAST에서 호텔까지
택시 요금(편도): HK$0  (HKD)
기차 요금(편도):  HK$90  (HKD)
소요 시간(기차): 30
페리 요금(편도): HK$0  (HKD)
InterContinental Hong Kong offer a fleet of Mercedes Benz for Airport transfers at HK$900 + 10% service charge per car each way

거리 0.0 KM / 0 마일 NORTH에서 호텔까지
지하철역부터 택시 요금: HK$0  (HKD)