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Berchtesgaden Resort



Concierge Photo
Sebastian Burger



Lake Königssee

The lake is inhabited by a wide range of freshwater fish including salmon, trout and catfish. Lake Königssee's landmark, the chapel of St. Bartholomä, can only be reached by boat. This world-famous church, originally dating back to the 12th cent., lies at the tip of a picturesque peninsula.
Este complejo turístico de lujo se encuentra en los Alpes bávaros, a 1000 metros sobre el nivel del mar, y ofrece dramáticas vistas alpinas a todo su alrededor, desde el campo de golf más alto de Alemania o desde su propia suite de lujo. Cene con estilo en uno de sus tres restaurantes, como Le Ciel, con clasificación Michelín. Relájese en un amplio spa con piscina bajo techo y al aire libre. Recorra los maravillosos parajes que rodean este complejo o dé un paseo en barco por el Lago Königssee.

Opiniones de los clientes



    El restaurante 3’60º sirve platos internacionales y ofrece vistas a la montaña, y Le Ciel está especializado en cocina francesa. Vinothek es famoso...
  • Servicios E Instalaciones

    En THE MOUNTAIN SPA, uno de los mejores de Europa, se utilizan productos Alpienne, La Prairie, Lancaster y OPI. Alcance el clímax de la relajación ...
Berchtesgaden Resort
  • Hintereck 1
  • Berchtesgaden , 83471
  • Alemania
  • Recepción +49-8652-97550

  • Direcciones para conducir
  • Transporte
  • Estacionamiento

Idiomas hablados

English, Spanish, French, Russian, Slovene

Normas de las mascotas

Pets are not allowed in the restaurant Le Ciel and the Spa area. Please do not bring your dog with you while having a buffet, show kitchen or any other exclusive event at the dining area. Please also note that pets are being charged with 30 Euro per night
Arancel para mascotas €30.00 por noche

    11:59 a.m.

      3:00 PM

      12:00 PM Salida tardía Disponible
    • Recepción Nocturna Disponible


    • EURO € (EUR)


    • Se permiten animales de servicio
    • 1 habitaciones con normas de acceso para minusválidos
    Opiniones de los clientes
    Rated 4,5 out of 5 by 126 reviewers.
    Rated 5,0 out of 5,0 by Phantastic location (just in the centre of nature). Staff is very friendly The hotel offers very relaxing and enjoyable stay for a family or a group of friends/family reunion. Also very romantic for a couple. We would welcome a/ more comfortable pillows, b/ the Stuba (local restaurant) is opened more than two days in a week. 15 de septiembre de 2014
    Rated 5,0 out of 5,0 by Outstanding Great Hotel, beautiful views and very nice staff. Only negative point was that one of the three restaurants was undergoing renovation while we stayed at the hotel and was therefore closed. 10 de septiembre de 2014
    Rated 2,0 out of 5,0 by “The Hotel and Surroundings are Beautiful, but Get ready; this is THE longest review I have ever written. The hotel itself is absolutely beautiful and it's location . . . gorgeous. It is designed and furnished in a style best described as modern/contemporary which is entirely to our liking. Although our room wasn't ready for an hour or so after arriving, thereafter the check-in went quite well. Our room was just as attractive as the rest of the resort, was nicely furnished and had a large balcony affording beautiful mountain views. While we were there we enjoyed our visits to the bar and our breakfasts were, likewise, quite good. Unfortunately, that's where the positive comments end. Following are our reasons for giving this InterContinental significantly less than a stellar review: As soon as we entered our room we opened the large glass door leading onto our balcony to enjoy the fresh outside air and the view. We proceeded to unpack all our bags and then settled-in to enjoy our stay. When we closed the outside door to utilize the air conditioning within minutes my wife was asking if I could smell that strong, offensive odor. Having traveled for many years and spending countless nights in hotels I told her, "What you're smelling is stale smoke." She reminded me that our reservation was, as always, for a non-smoking room. I called the front desk and advised them that they had, perhaps, inadvertently given us a smoking room. The lady with whom I was speaking said, "Oh no, yours is a non-smoking room." I told her that, "It may be designated, non-smoking but I can assure you, someone's been smoking in here . . . heavily." She insisted that that just wasn't possible because, "It IS a NON-smoking room." I explained that it may have been supposed to be non-smoking but that it had been smoked in and the odor of smoke was extremely strong and offensive. She apologized and said she'd have house-keeping spray the room with a deodorizer to eliminate the problem. We were in the process of leaving the hotel for a few hours so I accepted her planned actions. As we were leaving my wife asked the lady at the front desk if we could change rooms. She was told there were no rooms available. Later, when we returned to the room the smell of smoke seemed stronger than ever due, perhaps, to the fact that it had been closed-up during our absence. So, again, I called the front desk explaining that if housekeeping had, in fact, sprayed the room, it didn't help. That the smoke smell actually seemed stronger. Again, this person apologized and promised to have the condition addressed. We showered, dressed for dinner at a downtown restaurant, left the hotel and returned much later that night. The offensive odor was still prevalent but we were tired and decided to leave the outside door open and go to bed rather than continuing to complain at that late hour. The next morning our, "wake-up" call was not received and we overslept our planned time for meeting our traveling companions for breakfast. When we explained to them why we missed our appointed time, they said they had tried to call us when we didn't show-up but got no answer. They said they had left a message when we didn't answer but when we returned to the room there was no message on the phone.Also, again complained about the smell and how stopped up we where do the smoke. We then called our friends room and asked them to try calling us again. They did and although we could see a small, red light, on the phone flashing rather dimly, there was no ring. I checked to see if the phone had, perhaps, been placed on, "silent" or "mute" but that wasn't the case. We called the front desk and told them, "In addition to our problem with the smoky odor in the room, our telephone won't ring." The person I called apologized and said, "I'll have one of my colleagues check-into that problem". Only minutes later as we were leaving the room to take a tour we were pleased when a uniformed man showed-up and said he was there to repair our phone. Several hours later, when we got back to the room we were speaking with our friends in their room and asked them to call us . . . just to be certain the phone was repaired. They called and, once again, no ring. Only that dim light. So, I again called the front desk and explained that the phone still wouldn't ring. Her response was, "My colleague checked your phone and it does work." I told her, "If he only checked to determine if he could place a call, it does work; that's why I have the ability to call you." Her response was something to the effect of not understanding my problem inasmuch as the phone seemed fine. I then asked her to call us back. I allowed it to, "ring" (no sound, of course) until the light stopped flashing and then re-called her. I explained that the reason I didn't answer her call was that I wanted her to understand that the phone was not ringing. I suggested they get a working telephone from another room and replace ours. She indicated she would do that. She also asked if we would now like to change rooms. Inasmuch as we were leaving the following morning we declined that belated offer. Remember we asked to change room the day before. Once again we went to dinner outside the hotel and when we returned I called for a, "wake-up" and at that time asked if they'd please try to call us to make sure the non-ringing problem had been corrected. Of course, the same thing happened . . . light only; no ring. Inasmuch as we were leaving the next morning I asked if they could have someone awaken us by knocking on the door since the phone was still out of order. Fortunately, we did receive the requested, "knock." When we checked-out I was packing the car while my wife was at the front desk. She complained about the continuing problems we had experienced and asked for the room charges to be credited from our account for at least one night's stay. When the desk clerk was unwilling or unable to do that my wife asked for the manager of the hotel. She reiterated to him all the difficulties and inconveniences we had suffered but he told her that regarding the odor of smoke in our room that was not their fault. That we had not designated what type (non-smoking) room we wanted and, therefore, the hotel was well within it's rights to provide whatever room they chose, which was, "smoking." She objected saying we ALWAYS request non-smoking rooms. He was relentless in maintaining his inflexible stance but was most apologetic explaining that they, "try very hard." She then took him through the scenario of the issues of our non-ringing phone. Ultimately, he relented and said he'd credit us 1/2 of one night's stay. At about this time, I walked-in after finishing loading our car. When my wife told me of his offer I told him that wasn't satisfactory. That besides to the smoky smelling room, the the fact that the phone would neither ring nor accept messages could mean that I had missed some important calls. His response was, "How many important calls do you think you missed?" I told him I had no idea inasmuch as our phone wouldn't ring. While he and I were having our discussion my wife went to our car and retrieved a copy of our reservation confirmation for our stay which specified, in-writing a, "non-smoking room." He simply said, "I'm sorry. We try very hard but 1/2 of one night's stay is all the credit I can offer." I told him, "Trying very hard is admirable but the real measure of success and of customer satisfaction is, solving problems, not just apologizing for them." When he responded again with, "I'm sorry. That's all I can do. We try very hard." I told him I was most unhappy and that I intended to continue saying so when we returned home. This situation is most unfortunate. Our previous stays at other InterContinental facilities have been most enjoyable. And, this is likely their most attractive facility and beautiful location ever. So to have had what could have been yet another wonderful experience go so awry is an extreme disappointment. Then to have received such small compensation for the difficulties we had experienced only made matters worse. Finally, to have been told, multiple times, that we in fact did have a non-smoking room, only to have the manager finally admit that it was a smoking room served only to, "Add insult to injury." To say we would or would not stay at this particular InterContinental again is a difficult call. It is a lovely facility that we should have greatly enjoyed but our personal experiences here, sorry to say, would in all probability dictate our choosing another place for a stay. If you reserve a non-smoking room, make sure that's what you're getting before you accept it... 10 de septiembre de 2014