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Annonce Importante
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Zone locale


  • Cet hôtel se situe dans une zone rural
  • Ville la plus proche: FORT STOCKTON
  • Fuseau horaire local: GMT-6


Midland International Airport (MAF)

El Paso International Airport (ELP)

Gare la plus proche

Amtrak- Alpine, Texas


Desert Pines Golf Course

Annie Riggs Museum

Fort Stockton Tennis Courts

Historic Fort Stockton

Big Bend National Park

Ft. Davis McDonald Observatory

Quoi de neuf

Big Bend National Park, Davis Mountains, McDonalds Observatory are located within an hour of hotel's Fort Stockton location, is a favorite destination for our guests. Often considered "three parks in one," the park offers mountain, desert and river environments and encompasses more than 801,000 acres of beauty.


A popular picture-taking spot and one of the most recognizable roadside attractions in the Southwest, Paisano Pete is a local landmark in Fort Stockton. Billed as the "World's Largest Roadrunner," the ceramic statue is 11 feet tall and 22 feet long.

À ne pas rater

Often incorporated into a trip to Big Bend National Park, the hotel's guests also enjoy visiting Fort Davis National Historic Site and McDonald Observatory. Fort Davis is one of the best surviving examples of a frontier military post from the mid-1800s.

À voir

Plan a day to tour sites on the National Register of Historic Sites for Ft. Stockton, TX. The hotel's guests should start at Fort Stockton Museum, located in one of the barracks of the historic fort. Four of the ground's original 35 buildings remain.

À faire

The Annie Riggs Memorial Museum is also located in downtown Ft. Stockton, TX, near the hotel's location. Built in 1900 and operated as the Koehler Hotel and then as the Riggs Hotel, the building was converted to a museum commemorating Annie Riggs in 1955.


Rudisio Downs New Mexico

Distance de l'hôtel: 100 MI/ 160.93 KM North


Distance de l'hôtel: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM East


Distance de l'hôtel: 200 MI/ 321.87 KM Sud


Rangra Theather

Distance de l'hôtel: 69 MI/ 111.04 KM Sud-Ouest