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Zone locale


  • Cet hôtel est situé en périphérie de la ville
  • Ville la plus proche: Harrisburg
  • Distance de l'hôtel: 3 MILES
  • Fuseau horaire local: GMT-5


Harrisburg International Airport (MDT)


The State Museum of Pennsylvania

The National Civil War Museum

City Island

Hershey Gardens

Hershey Park

Farm Show Complex and Expo Center

Giant Center at Hershey Park

Sociétés proches

TechPort Corporate Park

Quoi de neuf

Located just 4.2 miles from this hotel’s property in Harrisburg the rich educational experience for the whole family the State Museum of Pennsylvania adjacent to Pennsylvania’s State Capital building in Harrisburg, the State Museum offer exhibits and exquisite collections interpreting the state’s fascination heritage.


The hotel is surrounded by densely populated business area. We have easy access to I-283 & I-83. Make sure to ask our agents at the front desk if they have coupons for restaurant and attractions. Don’t forget to pack a light snack and refreshment if you plan to visit a lot of the tourist sites. You can purchase these at our Candlewood Cupboard.

À ne pas rater

While you’re here, don’t go home without visiting The Capital, which is the biggest in the USA! It is surely a magnificent building filled with history and unforgettable sites. You won’t want to miss this amazing piece of history.

À voir

City Island Park: The nicest part is that from the city, you have to take pedestrian bridge over the island. It’s not little bridge either, its spans the same length of the road & rail bridges across the Susquehanna. At the park, there are a number of things going on, mostly recreational activities like boating, the city island beach, kite flying, picnicking, and watching a minor league baseball.

À faire

City Island Park: The park and the gardens by the river is a pleasant place to stroll or ride a bicycle. The several bridges across the river, some of them in use, some other abandoned but left as a volume in the river, help to compose the scenery and enhanced landscape. It is just 10 minutes away from our hotel.

Parc à thème

Hershey Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 7 MI/ 11.27 KM Nord-Est


Penn National Race Course

Distance de l'hôtel: 10 MI/ 16.09 KM Nord-Est


Hershey Giant Center

Distance de l'hôtel: 7 MI/ 11.27 KM Nord-Est


Distance de l'hôtel: 3.9 MI/ 6.28 KM Nord-Ouest


Distance de l'hôtel: 4.2 MI/ 6.76 KM Sud-Ouest


Regal Entertainment Complex

Distance de l'hôtel: 0.01 MI/ 0.02 KM Sud-Est


Hershey Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 8 MI/ 12.87 KM North