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Zone locale


  • Cet hôtel est situé en périphérie de la ville
  • Ville la plus proche: JACKSONVILLE
  • Distance de l'hôtel: 5 MILES
  • Fuseau horaire local: GMT-5


Albert J. Ellis (OAJ)

Wilmington (ILM)

Raleigh Durham (RDU)

Gare la plus proche

Amtrack Cary Depot

Sociétés proches

Camp Lejuene Marine Base

New River Air Station


Camp Johnson

State Police Headquarters

Camp Geiger

Cherry Point Marine Corps Base/Air stati

Onslow Memorial Hospital

Quoi de neuf

Following along Lejeune Blvd near the hotel, one of the first Jacksonville, NC railway trails stretches along miles of beautiful trees and parks. In an effort to turn more railways into scenic biking and walking trails, the city is planning new routes.


Visiting Camp Lejeune? The hotel's guests should be aware that driving on base requires a military sponsor, valid driver's license, valid insurance and your car registration. Feel free to ask our front desk staff for more information should you need it.

À ne pas rater

In remembrance of the 273 fallen soldiers lost in a Lebanese peace mission, the Beirut Memorial honors the memory of the fathers, brothers and friends lost in 1982. The hotel's just five miles from Camp Lejeune, so be sure to stop and pay your respects.

À voir

Come enjoy the natural surroundings of this unspoiled beachfront as you explore Bear Island at Hammocks Beach State Park, just minutes from the hotel's location near Camp Lejeune. This tranquil beach is a great place to fish, swim or simply enjoy the sun.

À faire

Hosting weekly NASCAR Late Model races and several heart-pounding drag races, the Coastal Plains Dragway is an exciting way to spend an afternoon. Just a short drive from the hotel, this Jacksonville, NC attraction is sure to get your blood pumping.

Parc à thème

Myrtle Beach Amusement

Distance de l'hôtel: 175 MI/ 281.63 KM Sud


Coastal Plains Raceway

Distance de l'hôtel: 20 MI/ 32.19 KM Ouest


Deppe Soccer Park

Distance de l'hôtel: 20 MI/ 32.19 KM Sud-Est

Jacksonville Commons Complex

Distance de l'hôtel: 3 MI/ 4.83 KM Ouest


Distance de l'hôtel: 30 MI/ 48.28 KM Ouest


Distance de l'hôtel: 45 MI/ 72.42 KM North


Carmike 16

Distance de l'hôtel: 1.5 MI/ 2.41 KM Ouest