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IHG® Rewards Club Offers - Exclusive Member Offers

Your Rate Offer For Members Only

Your newest benefit is our best price

Book direct with Your Rate for additional savings every time you stay.


To book with Your Rate:
     1) Find a hotel using the search tool above
     2) Check Rates & choose your room type
     3) Select Your Rate by IHG® Rewards Club

You'll only find Your Rate when you book with us

Booking direct is the only way to get our lowest price—and your rewards

Let your travels take you further

Save time, save money and earn your points. Because as a loyal member, you deserve exclusive rewards and recognition. And Your Rate was created just for you.

Not an IHG® Rewards Club member?

There’s a reason over 93 million people have chosen IHG® Rewards Club. It makes every stay even better.


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Free Internet

Internet gratis di seluruh dunia

Connect all of your devices at any of our properties. Business or pleasure. In-room or poolside.

Earn Points or

Earn Points or Miles

Set your preferences to earn how you want.

No Blackout Dates
for Reward Nights

Tidak ada Tanggal Blackout untuk Reward Night

You can redeem your Reward Nights at over 5,000 hotels and resorts around the world any night you choose.