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Nächstgelegene Stadt: Tbilisi

Entfernung vom Hotel: 96.31 MI/ 155 KM KILOMETERS

Dieses Hotel befindet sich in einem Resort

Nächster Bahnhof

Borjomi Train Station

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Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park-Protected Areas includes 6 districts and 12 Trials. Vardzia - UNESCO treasured, rock-carved city. Altogether there are 119 cave groups, with 409 rooms, 13 churches and 25 wine cellars. Rabati Castle - the first Muslim community center in Georgia. Phoka Nunnery - nuns here produce unique Georgian cheeses, honey, chocolate and other products that visitors can try.

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Borjomi mineral water therapy-hydro bath restores metabolism, removes toxins and harmful substances from the organism and saturate skin with essential minerals. Colon Hydrotherapy-this procedure effect is based on the gravitation self-flow. It has a gentle effect on the large intestine. Microelements contribute intestine restoration.


In 3.5 km from the entrance of the Borjomi Central Park, you will discover treasure of the nature - Hot Sulfur Pools placed between the forest and the rocky river. Sulfur Pools - the average temperature of which is 32-38 C° - are very beneficial for health. The territory is equipped with free Wi-Fi, café-bar, changing rooms and showers.

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Hike through the beautiful landscape of famous Central Park of Borjomi, feel tranquillity and hear your heartbeat. Sulfur Pools - open all year around, visiting hot natural Pools is a must. The road leading to the pool passes through such breathtaking nature to the Park. Spring Waters - Enjoy cold natural mineral water directly from the ground in the yard of the hotel.


It's a good idea to wear warm cloth when in Borjomi, as it is 850 meters above sea level. Borjomi rests among a series of mountains that are covered with coniferous and deciduous forests. Hiking in surroundings of the town is the best choice to enjoy unbelievable beauty of Nature. Remember! Entrance to the Historical Park and the Sulfur Baths are Free of Charge for our guests.


Olimp-Sports and Health Center

Entfernung vom Hotel: 0.93 MI/ 1.5 KM Westen


Borjomi Cinema Hall

Entfernung vom Hotel: 0.22 MI/ 0.35 KM Nordost


Borjomi Central (Historical) Park

Entfernung vom Hotel: 0.22 MI/ 0.35 KM Nordost

Museum oder Galerie

Entfernung zu Hotel: #{1239}


Entfernung zu Hotel: 0.22 MI/ 0.35 KM Nordost


Borjomi Central Park

Entfernung vom Hotel: 0.19 MI/ 0.3 KM Nordost


Borjomi Central Librery

Entfernung vom Hotel: 0.99 MI/ 1.6 KM Nordwest


Kvabiskhevi Church of Assumption

Entfernung zum Hotel: 11.62 MI/ 18.7 KM Nordwest

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