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Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung

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The weather of Qiandao Lake is different in a year.


For self-driven it will take approximately 2 hours’ driving from Hangzhou city, 20 minutes driving from Jiande city center. Meanwhile the hotel will impress you with its fresh air, interesting outdoor activities and high quality facilities while it also nears many famous scenic spots like Xin’an River Hydropower Station, Lucky Island, Da Ciyan, Xinye Ancient Town, Ling Xi Cave etc.


Surrounded by attractive views of One Thousand Island Lake and mountains, the hotel features the natural and picturesque environment. The specially designed architecture as a luxury cruise which always be prepared to impress guests. The hotel aims to present nature travel and high qualified lifestyle experience for every guest.

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Guests can choose the sports that they like to keep fit. Such as jogging/walking/cycling.

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Fishing is a traditional activity in Qiandao Lake. Guests also can see the ancient buildings.



Nongfu Spring Factory

Chu’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

Discovering the secret of water in Nongfu Spring Factor and enjoying the beautiful scenery of Qiandao Lake.

Lingqi Hole

Chu’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

Locates in Shiping countryside of Jiande, it is made up of Ling Spring, Qing and Feng Holes, Lingqi Stone Forest. There are true to life rockscape, it is known as Underground Art Palace and one of most famous holes in China.

Maozhuyuan Wharf

Chu’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

Cruising around island on tranquil water, exploring pristine forests, verdant hills and unusual caves.

Thousand Island Lake Stone Forest

Chu’an, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

One of the four most famous stone forest in China, the posture of cliff, column, stalagmite, cavern are distinctive, also known as the first stone forest in eastern China.

Thousand island Lake Luck Island

xin'anjiang ,j Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

Locates in western Xin’ an River City, it is a artificial lake. Cross water there is Xin’ an River Hydropower Station, adjoin lover valley scenic area. Thick vegetation, quiet and beautiful environment, fresh air, picturesque scenery, it is first island entering into Thousand island Lake. It names First Island of Lake Entrance.

Xin’an River Hydroelectric Station

xin'anjiang, Jiande, Hangzhou, Zhejiang 311600

Built in 1957, it is the first large hydropower station which designed and homemade equipment in China. It locates in the west of Xin’an River, the river water spills to east, like a huge natural air-conditioner; bring unique microclimate to the town. The Xin’an River becomes a famous tourist attractions and holiday resorts.