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Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby

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Embrace the best of both worlds in Port Moresby, where the sandy islands & untouched national parks meet a thriving metropolis of small cafes & bar with a blend of fine artefacts.

Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung

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Go back in time and experience the traditions throughout in the form of traditional artefacts, at the Port Moresby National Museum.


The Nature Park is home to over 350 native animals of which are rarely seen outside of Papua New Guinea including the bird of paradise, tree kangaroos, cassowaries, reptiles and parrots.


Only steps away from Crowne Plaza Residences Port Moresby is the famous Harbor Side Waterfront with its growing food and entertainment culture and interesting eating choices. Find a restaurant that takes your fancy, grab a shared table and enjoy the ambience.

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Port Moresby Nature Park is home to over 550+ native animals including birds of paradise, tree-kangaroos, cassowaries, wallabies, reptiles and many parrot and other bird species. The Nature Park can arrange transportation to and from the hotel and offers excellent guided tours of the Park (lasting 1.5hrs).

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Explore the newly developed Ela Beach coastline and APEC Haus. The iconic building resembles a Lakatoi sail, from the Motu-Koita’s distinctive double-hulled boat, to symbolize international trade negotiations, a gracious nod to the cultural caretakers of the Capital City, the Motu-Koita people.



National Parliament House

Bomana War Cemetery

Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery lies approximately 19 kilometres north of Port Moresby on the road to Nine Mile, and is approached from the main road by a short side road called Pilgrims Way. Those who died in the fighting in Papua and Bougainville are buried in PORT MORESBY (BOMANA) WAR CEMETERY, their graves brought in by the Australian Army Graves Service from burial grounds in the areas where the fighting had taken place.

Kokoda Trial

Art Gallery

National Museum

APEC House

National Orchid Gardens

Variarata National Park

Ela Beach