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Crowne Plaza Sanya City Center

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Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung


The hotel is located in the center of Sanya, facing the bar street and the international marina, where you can experience the culture and sports of the sea.


Crowne Plaza Sanya City Center located between Sanya River and Linchun River. Sanya River is often referred to in Chinese as the “heaven for birds.” With the warm temperature and a long coastline, the area around the Sanya River is an ideal habitat for egrets, waders, and grey-backed starlings.

Unbedingt tun

First Market is the biggest free market of agricultural products in Sanya City. Various local products, including all of the seafood and local fruits, are sold here at a reasonable price. It is normally very busy seven days a week packed with locals and tourists alike.



Visun Bar Street

Literally Bar Street Shidaihaian Yuya, Road 三亚吉阳区榆亚大道时代海岸酒吧街, Sanya, Hainan 572000

After dinner, head to Visun Coast Bar Street, which is better known by locals as Jiu Ba Jie (literally 'Bar Street'). Clubs lining either side of the road blare out international dance hits from Lady Gaga and her ilk. Inside, locals and tourists grind it out no matter what day of the week. The bars and clubs are basically interchangeable, though MJ, located near the entrance of Jiu Ba Jie and along Yuya Road, is a bigger hit among the Western tourists and expatriate crowd.

First Seafood Market

Sanya Jiefang Road, Sanya, Hainan 572000

The Sanya First Market is a bustling open air market where you will find jewelry, clothing, snacks, fresh fruit, seafood, and many more Sanya souvenirs.Guests could enjoy the variety seafoods with many cooking method