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Crowne Plaza Wuhan Development Zone

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Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung

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Yellow Crane Tower, located at the top of the Snake Mountain in Wuchang, near the Yangtze River. Here, trains from the railway line of Beijing-Guangzhou often roar past its pavilions. Known as “The First Floor of the World” and “The World’s Most Beautiful Scenery”, it is one of the “Three Famous Places of Interest in Wuhan” along with Qingchuan pavilion and Boya Platform.


When you check-in, you’ll be wowed by the hotel’s beautiful views of Taizi Lake. You might enjoy a few rounds of golf at Wuhan Orient International Golf Country Club or visiting sights such as Yellow Crane Tower, Guqin Terrace and Guiyuan Buddhist Temple.


The hotel is within easy walking distance to Wuhan Sports Center and a short 10-minute drive to Wuhan International Expo Center. Nearby Wanda Plaza offers a wide range of dining, shopping and entertainment options.

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Aeon Mall-- Wuhan Jingkai Shopping Center is Aeon Mall’s second shopping center in Wuhan. It is also the first flagship store in China, with brand supermarkets, super large activity square, special children's playground, Food-Street, cinema and other nearly 300 well-known brand stores at home and abroad.