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Crowne Plaza Zhenjiang

Jetzt entdecken Zhenjiang

The hotel is located at riverside, nearby three mountains and Xijin Ferry. Guests may walk through the plank road of Yangtze River and enjoy the great view of Beigu Mountain.

Tipps für die Umgebung

Tipps für die Umgebung

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Zhenjiang is a national historical and culture city, one of the births of Eastern Chinese culture. With the civilized history more than 3000 years, the city is full of different customs and cultural backgrounds. Zhenjiang has so many national key protection sites such as Zhenjiang Historic Museum and Pearl S. Buck's Former Residence.


You may walk along the Changjiang Road to Zhenjiang Beigu Mountain, down by the riverside to overlook the Urban Forest scenery.


Zhenjiang, referring to the “Garrison of the River” in Mandarin, is a city with a history of 3,000 years. Zhenjiang boasts abundant tourism resources and numerous places of interests, is famous with "City Forest” of a unique natural landscape.

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In this distinct city, you may enjoy the flowers of spring, river view of summer, bright color of autumn and a walk at the Xijin Ferry.

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Fragrant black vinegar, pork, and pot noodle.



Jinshan Mountain

No.62 Jinshan Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212000

Jinshan Mountain is one of the national key scenic spots and China 5-A tourist region. The household legend of “Snake White Flooded Jinshan Mountain” happened right here. On Lotus Tower, which close to the First Spring under heaven, poet Wang Changlin of Tang Dynasty gave a famous poem of “my heart as pure as ice in a jade pot shows the deep friendship and feeling to my friend far away.

Ancient Xijin Ferry Street

No.16 Yingjiang Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212000

The street has got the Excellent Project Award of Cultural Inheritance Protection by the UN. It was first built in Six Dynasty, and fourished in Tang and Song Dynasties. China's only well-preserved and oldest stone pagoda is standing across the street. The wheel traces on the stone boards show the change of long history and tell us the stories happened in Tand, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Jiaoshan Mountain

No.83 Dongwu Road, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212000

One of national key scenic spots and China 5-A tourist region. With ancient forest and tall bamboos, the island looks like a green jade flowing on the river, so people give another name “flowing jade hill”. As a national key protection site, Jiaoshan cliff stone carving and tablet forest is fame as the first in South China, among which “Yihe Inscription” is worthy the most, and looks upon as the ancestor of calligraphy by successive calligraphers.

Beigu Mountain

No 3 Dongwu Road Jingkou District, Zhenjiang, Jiangsu 212000

It is famous for an ancient story of Three Kingdom’s Period which was 1700 years ago. There is a Ganlu Temple located on the top of the mountain.