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Crowne Plaza Chaozhou Riverside

Découvrir Chaozhou

Suggestions locales

Suggestions locales

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If you are planning to travel to Chaozhou, the Guangji Bridge is the place you should not miss. In March, named "Xiang Qiao Chun Zhang", the rising tide meets with the riverbanks on both sides and runs like an aggressive dragon. The view is so remarkable standing on the eighteen boats on the river.

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Ancient city of Chaozhou, is not only the National Historic and Cultural City, but also, the Hometown of Chinese Folk Arts. Chaozhou culture, with a distinct regional characteristic, plays an important role of the Lingnan Culture, and place at as a main branch of Chinese culture.Chaozhou owns rich Intangible Cultural Heritage, and there are various Chaozhou folk culture experience halls.


Crowne Plaza Chaozhou Riverside locates in the Xiangqiao District of Chaozhou and is situated alongside the Han River, close to famous tourist attractions, like Paifang Street, the Guangji Bridge, and the Memorial Temple to Han Yu. The hotel is 25 kilometers from Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport, 20 kilometers from Chaoshan Railway Station, and 10 kilometers from Chao Railway Station.

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When arrive Chaozhou, Paifang Street is another attraction that is always shown on the traveling to-visit list. With a total length of 1948 m, 23 Chinese-style stone gateways locate in between, carrying a number of legend stories. More with native art products shops and local snacks for your choices.

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Nothing could take over the place of tasty food. Chaozhou is also famous for its delicious meals and snacks. Hand-made beef balls (beef hot pot), sweet and crispy fried oysters, tender tofu with a crispy crust, a variety of special rice-make snacks, and local specialties are waiting for you.

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Paifang Street

Paifang Street located in the center of the ancient city, it is an ancient cultural street integrating intangible cultural heritage, traditional crafts and characteristic snacks. The characteristic architecture of Paifang Street is a combination of Chinese and Western arcades. The 22 stone archways built since Ming and Qing dynasties stand against each other with Nanyang style arcades on both sides. The arcade buildings with Nanyang architectural style were introduced in the lat