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Crowne Plaza Resort Sanya Bay

Découvrir Sanya

Suggestions locales

Suggestions locales

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À faire

The End of Earth

The End of Earth, Tianya town, Sanya, Hainan 572000

Tianya Haijiao, also called The Edge of the Sky and The End of the Sea. It means ‘the remotest corner of the earth’ and is undoubtedly Sanya's most popular ‘must visit’ attractions. Well known for the spectacular beaches, expansive ocean view and rich history, it’s name brings profound poetic allusions. In the past, the phrase suggested an unattainable place BUT for us, it is only 10 minutes away.

Nan Shan Temple

Nan Shan Temple, Yazhou District, Sanya, Hainan 572000

Featuring a 108 meter tall triple faced Guanyin (Goddess of Mercy) statue, a large temple complex, with vegetarian restaurants, a hotel and extensive beautifully groomed grounds, Nanshan Temple Park is another ‘must visit’ point of interest. Besides it’s religious significance and traditional cultural. This temple hosts religious festivals for the island and celebrations always provide a grand spectacle for visitors. 22 km from the resort.

Big and Small Caves

Big and Small Caves, Yazhou District, Sanya, Hainan 572000

Sanya's Daxiao Dongtian Cave Park, sometimes called Fairyland, features an alluring rocky coastline, mountain hiking trails, caves to explore, outdoor picnic areas, whimsical stone statues, and a small fossil museum with dinosaur eggs and other local fossils. 28 KM from hotel

West Island

West Island, Tianya town, Sanya, Hainan 572000

West Island is shaped like a hawksbill turtle. It is the largest of a series of small islands located off of Sanya. Home to fishing tribes for generations, its idyllic surroundings of sandy beaches, rocky coves, and an interior filled with palm trees are now the perfect island getaway.