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Ville la plus proche : Beijing

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 99.42 MI/ 160 KM KILOMETERS

Cet hôtel est situé en périphérie de la ville

Gare la plus proche

Tianjin Trian Station

Entreprises à proximité

Xiqing Economic-Technological Developmen

Centre de conventions à proximité

Meijiang Conference & Exhibition Center

Distance à parcourir pour rejoindre l’hôtel : 6.21 MI/ 10 KM


Kingkey Golf and Country Club : 0.06 MI/ 0.1 KM

À voir

Panshan Mountain is a very famous attraction in Tianjin. It is blessed with strange rock formations, verdant trees, clear streams lakes and mighty peaks. Panshan Mountain is made up of Shang Pan which is famous for vigorous pine trees, Zhong Pan which is well-known for unique rocks and Xia Pan that is renowned for crystal clear stream water.

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Hai River means much more than a beautiful river running through town, local Tianjinese always greet it as the river that cradled the culture and cultivate the people there. You should take a stroll along the Hai River when you come to Tianjin.

Quoi de neuf ?

Established in 2001, Jinnan National Agricultural Science & Technology Zone occupies a land of more than 2,450 hectors. There are now 13 agricultural companies, at a total investment of USD 50 million and an annual output of USD 31.3 million. The garden-like Zone is well designed and become an attraction to locals.

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Goubuli is the infancy name of a restaurateur. It has had more than 150 years of history. It is not an exaggeration to say that Goubuli Baozi is a food calling card of Tianjin.Its chain restaurants can be found in Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities in China as well as cities in America, Japan and Korea. When you visit Tianjin, don't go home without tasting the genuine "Goubuli Baozi".


During the National Holiday hotel accommodate the most of guest who are famliy travellers, they often late check out. therebefore, Hotel suggest the check in time is 16:00 to avoid have waiting for a long time. Meanwhile if you have any further assistance or need to deposit your luggage please feel free contact with us

Salle de sport

Tianjin Stadium

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 11.25 MI/ 18.1 KM Nord-Ouest


LFC Legend Movie Center

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 3.73 MI/ 6 KM

Parc d’attractions

Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Park

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 4.47 MI/ 7.2 KM Nord-Est


Haihe Education Park

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 3.73 MI/ 6 KM Sud-Est

Zoo ou aquarium

Tianjin Zoo

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 12.49 MI/ 20.1 KM Nord-Ouest

Parcours de golf

Kingkey Golf and Country Club

Distance à parcourir pour rejoindre l’hôtel : 0.06 MI/ 0.1 KM


Hotel Park


Public Library of Nankai University

Distance depuis l’hôtel : 8.7 MI/ 14 KM


Xi Kai church

Distance à parcourir pour rejoindre l’hôtel : 13.3 MI/ 21.4 KM Nord-Ouest


Liulin Mosque



Activités pour enfants

Les activités pour enfants sont disponibles

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