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Crowne Plaza Zhangzhou

Découvrir Zhangzhou

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Suggestions locales

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Nanshan Temple

Sanping Temple

Green Lake Ecological Park

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Hakka's Roundhouses spread all over the city, including counties of Hua'an, Pinghe, Zhao'an, Yunxiao and Zhangpu. The original roundhouse is lives as barracks, castle or mountain fastness constructed with clay mixed with many other materials into different shapes. There are entirely more than eight hundred roundhouses in total.

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Crowne Plaza Zhangzhou is located at the new district of Longwen, 55 km from Xiamen Gaoqi Airport. Modern City Park is within 10 minutes of walking distance, to 5A scenic spot "Yunshuiyao" & "Tulou"99 kilometers.


Zhangzhou is only 55 km from Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport. After arriving in Xiamen,it's convenient to get to Zhangzhou by bus. From Xiamen South Hubin Bus Station, buses to Zhangzhou every 20 min. Train is not suggested, because the whole journey will take more than one hour, however, 30 min by bus through the Haicang Bridge.

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In Zhangzhou people like to play the "Bobing" game on the Mid-Autumn festival, Dragon Boat Festival like Dragon Boat match , the Lantern Festival guessing lantern riddles to watch the puppet show, old man usually like to drink gongfu tea, playing birds.

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Zhangzhou abounds with flowers and fruit. Daffodil, camellia and orchid growing here are of good quality. Fruits prolific in Zhangzhou are Mandarin Orange, lithe, banana, longan, grapefruit and pineapple. Boasting a spacious sea area, the city is also teeming with various sea products.