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Città più vicina: DEAD SEA, ARAD CITY

Indicazioni stradali dal centro città all'hotel: 19.88 MI/ 32 KM Sud

Local Time Zone : GMT+2

Questo hotel si trova in una località di villeggiatura

Da vedere

Hiking trails take Ein Gedi Nature Reserve visitors past bubbling waterfalls and pools to beautiful David Waterfall. Spot foxes and herds of ibex drinking at the freshwater springs surrounded by flora and ferns, 20 minutes away.

Da non perdere

Rise at dawn and climb with the sun up the craggy Snake Path to the fortress at the summit of Mount Masada, reputed to have belonged to King Herod. You'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the desert's lunar landscape, 20 km from the hotel.


Connect with the hot nomadic landscapes and stony mountains that typify the Judean desert during an exhilarating Jeep safari, pausing to race down dunes with the sand between your feet. Our Concierge will advise you on new routes by Crowne Plaza Dead Sea.

Non tornare a casa senza

Sampling the superb salt waters of the Dead Sea for the peculiar yet pleasant sensation of floating in the planet's most buoyant waters. Read your paper or sip a cocktail as you float effortlessly on the surface, a few steps from your room.


Stock up on natural cosmetics and cleansing, hydrating, and nourishing products made using black mud drawn from the Dead Sea's ancient mineral-rich basin. You'll find factory outlets at Ein Bokek and beneath Mount Masada, 20km from Crowne Plaza Dead Sea hotel.

Children's Activities

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