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Crowne Plaza - ANA Fukuoka

Ontdek Fukuoka-shi

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Plaatselijke tips


Just north of Ohori Park, Nishi Park is also impressive, especially in spring when its cherry trees bloom, enhancing the view of Uminonakamichi and Nokonoshima. Enjoy quiet contemplation at Shofukuji, Japan's first Zen temple, a short 15 min walk from ANA Crowne Plaza Fukuoka.

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The Acros building, only 2.5km from the hotel, is one of Fukuoka's most impressive architectural structures - the terraced tower is covered with plants, blending seamlessly into the Tenjin Central Park below. Despite being relatively flat, there are still plenty of soaring viewpoints in the city. With a panoramic viewing platform, it offers both bay and city views.


Known for its fertile soil, this region is perfect for producing shochu and sake. A vast majority of Japan’s shochu shipments originate from Kyushu, where it is made from many different kinds of local ingredients, such as rice, barley, sweet potato, brown sugar, and buckwheat. For over 140 years, local sake producer Ishikura has brewed beneath its towering red-brick chimney in the heart of Fukuoka

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Within a 10-minute stroll are Canal City shopping complex and Nakasu entertainment district, filled with outdoor food stalls serving delicious ramen noodles and sake.

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Fukuoka is more famous for its skyscrapers than its traditional Japanese architecture. Among the exceptions is Rakusuien, a traditional Japanese garden that was rebuilt by the city in 1995. Even though it is close to Hakata station, the calming waterfall, lush lawns, and tatami rooms used for tea ceremonies make it seem a world away.