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Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah

Ontdek Salalah

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Plaatselijke tips


Al Baleed Archaeological Park, two minutes' drive from Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah, contains the ruins of a flourishing medieval town famed for its trade in frankincense and Arabian horses. Wander the vast mosque and contemplate the once-bustling streets.

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Frankincense, an aromatic resin used in perfumes and incense, is as fresh as it gets in Salalah, where the trees grow in abundance. Yet it has a famed heritage, as legend has it that Queen Sheba gave some of Salalah's finest as a gift to King Solomon.


Ask our concierge at the Crowne Plaza Resort Salalah about hotel activities or exploring the surrounding area. On site, there is everything from water sports like diving to golf, to beach volleyball. Or you can explore the parks, wadis and dramatic coastline nearby.

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With over four km of sandy beach, fringed with frankincense trees and cliffs promising stunning sea vistas, Mughsail is a peaceful and haunting spot. The mystery is in the blowholes formed in the limestone rocks, where water jets spurt up to 30 metres high.

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Taking in the aromas of papaya and coconut at the Old Luban Souk, a busy market where you can haggle for frankincense and other spices. Just 10 minutes' drive from your Salalah hotel, the Gold Souk is the place for Omani handicrafts and jewelry.



Old Luban Souk

Visit the Old Luban souk to discover the land of frankincense and the legend of Salalah's untold riches.

Ain Razat

Ain Razat has several natural fountains that flow between the rocks and come together in a pond, which then flows through the green gardens before finally entering the sea.The area also has a beautiful garden that is open to visitors.

Al-Mughsail Beach

Mughasail has over four kilometres of beautiful sandy beach framed by sculpted cliffs with blow holes formed in the limestone rocks. Here, plumes of water can reach a height of 30 metres or more.

Sumhuram and Khor Rori

Khor Rori, located near Sumhuram, is a magnificent khor protected by a lagoon. This is the largest Khor (two kilometres), a very wide and deep creek where the water of Wadi Darbat flows and the ocean creeps in over the lagoon.

Mirbat Village

It is the most picturesque town on the coast.Its tiny whitewashed fort with a row of cannons pointing seawards offers good views, including to Jebel Samhan behind the Mirbat plain.

National Museum

Open Saturday through Wednesday from 8am to 2pm. Exhibits of photographs by Wilfred Thesiger, who set off on his first crossing of the empty quarter from Salalah in 1946.

Lost City of Ubar

The road between Salalah and Muscat runs parallel to the Empty Quarter, notable for its silent sand and pebble desolation.

Al-Balid Archaeological Park

Al Balid is a short walk west of Crowne Plaza Resort.Witness the great rectangular shaped mosque surrounded by balconies from all sides,Excavators have discovered Islamic pottery,chinaware,porcelain and severalbronze coins some of which date back to the Islamic era and others to the Chinese civilazation.