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Crowne Plaza Wuxi City Center

Ontdek Wuxi

Located in the center of Wuxi, near the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Huishan. The hotel is conveniently located near taihu Square station of Metro Line 1 and only 15 minutes

Plaatselijke tips

Plaatselijke tips

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The most important thing to explore Wuxi is to start a beautiful day in the heart of the city.


The climate in Wuxi is relatively humid, so it always rains in the plum rain season. There are umbrellas in the hotel rooms for guests to use.

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Start the day with a morning run by the canal. Taste Wuxi's authentic xiaolongbao at Nanchan Temple. Explore China's largest subway station and its surrounding bustling metropolis at Sanyang Plaza. Enjoy the beautiful scenery covered with cherry blossoms in Yuantouzhu. Learn about local culture in Huishan Ancient Town. At the Lingshan Giant Buddha, pray for a smooth life.

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It would be a shame to go back without tasting all of Wuxi's local cuisine. The use of seasonal dishes in designated seasons is a feature of Wuxi cuisine.



Wuxi Library

No. 1, Zhongshu road, Liangxi District, 梁溪区钟书路1号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

The predecessor of the Wuxi library is the Wuxi County Library, which was founded in 1912 and is proposed by the local famous people. It is one of the first public libraries in China. In 1949, the people's government took over and renamed the "Wuxi library". In October 1, 2000, the new library of Wuxi library was officially opened and opened in July 1, 2002. For the national first class library.

Wuxi Museum

No. 100, Zhongshu road, Liangxi District, 无锡市南长区钟书路100号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

The Wuxi museum is a large public cultural service facility in Wuxi. It was founded in October 15, 2007 and is located on the south side of Taihu square in Wuxi. It is formed by the original Wuxi Museum, the Wuxi revolutionary exhibition hall and the "three pavilions of the Wuxi Science Museum", with a building area of 71000 square meters, two floors underground and five floors, which is the larger public cultural service facilities in Wuxi. The whole building adopts a modern full steel frame st

Taihu Square

No. 100, Zhongshu road, Liangxi District, 无锡市梁溪区钟书路100号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

Taihu square has the oldest context of Tin City, which has always been a convenient place for transportation. There are 1000 years of history of the golden waterway - - Beijing - Hangzhou, the Grande Canale, 2500 years of the ancient canal in the south of the Yangtze River, more than 3200 years of history, the earliest man-made canal in the world - - Tai Boone. From the current geographical position, the Yangtze River Delta is located in the middle of the southeast coast of China, and Wuxi is th

Yangchun Alley

No.12, Yangchun lane, Liangxi District,, 江苏省无锡市梁溪区阳春巷12号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

Different from downtown and high buildings, Yangchun lane is very quiet, and the architectural style is very special. It spent 800 million yuan made in the Republic of China, the leisure district of the Republic of China, reappearing the architectural features of the industrial and commercial development of Wuxi in the 20s and 30s of last century.

Nanchang Street

Nanchang road,Liangxi District, 无锡市梁溪区南长街, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

South The Strip is an ancient street in Wuxi, located in the central section of Liang Xi District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu province. In the heart of Wuxi, with its tall buildings, the long, antique South The Strip is a tender heart. The Qingming bridge historical and cultural block in the South The Strip is a typical waterfront in the south of the Grande Canale. It is known as "Jiangnan Water hall, and the canal is out of print".

Xihui Park

No. 2 Huihe road, Binhu District, 无锡 滨湖区 惠河路2号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

Xihui Park, located in the western suburb of Jiangsu, Wuxi, covers an area of 90 hectares. It is a comprehensive and integrated garden with a large collection of cultural relics and comfortable leisure and amusement. There are many famous tourist attractions in the park, such as the second spring, the park, the Huishan temple and so on. The Xi Hui Park was built in 1958. Xi Hui Park is one of the fourteen core scenic spots of the first national key scenic area - Taihu scenic area. It is the nati

Plum Garden

No. 13, Bianjiawan, west Liangxi road, 无锡市滨湖区梁溪西路卞家湾13号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

The plum garden is located in the East Mountain and the south slope of the Hu Shan in the western suburbs of Wuxi. It is 7 kilometers from the city and 1.5 kilometers from Taihu. The garden is planted all over the plum trees. It is one of the famous scenic spots in the south of the south of the Yangtze river. The national AAAA level scenic spot is a national key cultural relic protection unit and a national key park. According to the height of the terrain and the characteristics of the plum gard

Turtle's Head Park

No. 1, chong shan village, dafu town, 无锡市太湖鼋头渚风景区 大浮镇镇充山村1号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

Turtle Head Islet is a peninsula lying on the northwest coast of Taihu, Wuxi. It is famous for the shape of the giant stone into the lake in the shape of the turtles. The Turtle Head Islet was built in 1916, with an area of 539 hectares. In October 26, 2012, Turtle Head Islet was promoted to the national 5A scenic spot.

Lingshan Buddha

No. 1, lingshan road, mashan town, 江苏省无锡市滨湖区马山镇灵山路1号, Wuxi, Jiangsu 21000

Grand Buddha at Lingshan is a famous scenic spot in the world. It is located between the mountains and rivers of the Mashan national scenic spot in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, and one of the important parts of the national AAAAA tourist scenic spot in Lingshan. The Buddha body is located on the south side of the Mashan Qin peak in Wuxi. In November 15, 1997, it was opened to light. The Buddha is located in the little Lingshan named after Tang Xuan Zang, hence the name "Grand Buddha at Lingshan".