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Crowne Plaza Huzhou


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Советы туристам

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Crowne Plaza Huzhou is situated on ‘the green lung of the city’ – Xishanyang Wetland Park – in centrally located Wuxing District. Xishanyang Wetland Park is beloved by visitors from both far and near for its picturesque landscapes and poetic atmosphere.

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With nearly 200 species of plants, the hotel is a botanical garden.You can see different kinds of migratory birds in the migratory Bird Pavilion. The hotel has nearly 2000 square meters of water park, is the perfect place for outdoor activities.The outdoor children's playground has the nature of adventure, bringing different experiences to children.


The hotel is nearby to Wuxing’s governmental administrative area, where it takes only 10 minutes by car to access the G50 Huyu Expressway (Shanghai-Chongqing). We are 20 kilometers from Huzhou Railway Station and 8.6 kilometers from Huzhou East Coach Station. We are further near to Shenjiahu Expressway, which serves to conveniently connect travelers to Zhejiang Province and Shanghai Pudong Interna

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Set in northern Zhejiang Province, Huzhou is a city with more than 2,300 years’ history. It takes its name after Taihu Lake (hú meaning lake) and is bestowed with rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. Huzhou is also one of the birthplace of silk and world-famous for its tea cultivation.

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Crowne Plaza Huzhou is ideally located in the Silk Town of New City in eastern Huzhou. The hotel is set in Wuxing District, adjacent to Xishanyang Wetland Park where it enjoys a beautiful mountain-water backdrop and fresh air environment. The park is beloved by visitors from both far and near for its picturesque landscapes and poetic atmosphere.

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