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En Yakın Şehir: 广州

Yerel Saat Dilimi: GMT+8

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Foshan Train Station

Yakınlardaki İşletmeler


Yakınlardaki Kongre Merkezi


Otele Mesafe: 23.61 MI/ 38 KM East

Görülecek Yerler

Skillfully crafted ceramics, wood carvings and metal casts from ancient times are on display in Foshan Ancestral Temple, an ornate Daoist structure rebuilt in 1372. The site is charmingly decorated with red lanterns and surrounded by gardens and ponds.

Yapılacak Şeyler

At Crowne Plaza Foshan you're 5 minutes from the Foshan Hongsheng Martial Arts Centre, where kung fu disciples train their minds and bodies. Spend a day learning the basics, or stay longer to learn from a real master in Foshan, the home of kung fu.


Traditional architecture has been preserved in a new renovation of the Foshan Lingnan Tiandi district, 5 minutes from your hotel. Savour Chinese beers in one of many upstart bars or hunt for contemporary designs in Foshan's famous ceramics shops.

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Watching a passionate performance of a Cantonese opera, a Foshan trademark. You'll see beautifully painted sets and performers draped in impossibly detailed gold and red costumes. Ask our knowledgeable Concierge to book your tickets.


Foshan is a vibrant city with a subtropical monsoon climate. If you're planning to explore on foot from Crowne Plaza Foshan during the wet season from March to August, you may need an anorak or an umbrella.

Spor Alanı

岭南明珠体育馆The Lingnan Pearl Gymnasium

Otele Mesafe: 1.24 MI/ 2 KM Güney Doğu

世纪莲Centurial Lotus Sports Center

Otele Mesafe: 3.11 MI/ 5 KM Güney

Sinema Salonu


Otele Mesafe: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM Güney

Müze veya Galeri

Otele Mesafe: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM North East

Kolej veya Üniversite

佛山大学Foshan University

Otele Mesafe: 3.11 MI/ 5 KM Güney Doğu



Otele Mesafe: 3.11 MI/ 5 KM North East



Otele Mesafe: 0.31 MI/ 0.5 KM North East

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