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En Yakın Şehir: Fuzhou

Şehir Merkezinden Otele Yol Tarifi: 2.24 MI/ 3.6 KM North East

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Fuzhou North Station

Görülecek Yerler

West Lake Park, situated in the northwest of Fuzhou in Hubin Road, is famed for its similarity to West Lake in Hangzhou. It has been a tourist attraction since the Tang Dynasty (618-907). West Lake Park is the most completed ancient garden in the city and is called a pearl of gardens in Fujian Province.

Yapılacak Şeyler

It is said that Three Lanes and Seven Alleys consist of a street is Nan Hou Street. Through the gate, you can get into the street of antique beauty. The street is lined with some shops with ethnic flavor. These shops do business by selling specialties and ethnic goods like Taiwan food, minority trappings. In addition, there are some coffee shops and bars, whose architecture is in western style.


Set alongside the scenic Minjiang River waterway, Fuzhou’s Taijiang District has a long history as a thriving trade area. Today, a wave of development has given rise to North Minjiang central business district, lauded as “Fuzhou’s Pudong,” drawing parallels to Shanghai’s ultra-modern new area, nearby area attractions like Shenlong Global Center, IFC, Suning Plaza and Baolong City Center, etc.

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Fuzhou dishes are representative of the Min Cuisine, a feature of Fujian Province and one of the Eight Major Cuisines of China. Min Cuisine has its own unique style evolved over a very long period of time and each of the various recipes are very precise with an emphasis placed on their savory sauces. These sauces are mild and of a sweet and sour nature, combine into wonderfully appetizing dishes.


Fuzhou has a humid subtropical climate influenced by the East Asian Monsoon; the summers are long, very hot and humid, the winters are short, mild and dry. The monthly 24-hour average temperature ranges from 6°C to 10 °C between January and February, and from 33 °C to 37°C between July and August, while the annual mean is 20-25 °.

Sinema Salonu

Powerlong Jinyi Movie Theater

Otele Mesafe: 0.62 MI/ 1 KM

Tema Parkı

Minjiang Park

Otele Mesafe: 0.03 MI/ 0.05 KM

Kolej veya Üniversite

Fuzhou University


Minjiang Park


Strait-cross Library

Otele Mesafe: 0.62 MI/ 1 KM

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