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En Yakın Şehir: Princeton

Şehir Merkezinden Otele Yol Tarifi: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM Güney Batı

Yerel Saat Dilimi: GMT-5

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Yakınlardaki Atraksiyonlar

Princeton University Museum

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Princeton Junction

Yakınlardaki İşletmeler

Novo Nordisk

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Solvay Corporation

Yakınlardaki Kongre Merkezi

Crowne Plaza Hotel and Conference Center


Mercer Oaks Golf : 6 MI/ 9.66 KM Güney

Görülecek Yerler

When visiting check the weather so you are dressed appropriate to explore the following attractions, Princeton University and Downtown Princeton - Check out the free guided tour that talks about the history of the University Grounds for Sculpture Morven Museum & Gardens Einstein's House Terhune Orchards - Seasonal Seasonal- Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park & Sesame Place - Seasonal attraction

Yapılacak Şeyler

Visit Palmer Square in Princeton! Take a walking tour of Princeton University, discover the unique shops, restaurants and events. Plainsboro Preserve offers over 1,000 acres of undisturbed open space with nature trails and 50-acre McCormack Lake. Enjoy local golf courses, Grounds for Sculpture, live performances at McCarter Theatre, Morven Museum & Garden as well as nearby Mercer County Park


The largest Six Flags in the country is located right here in New Jersey. Just 30 minutes away you can enjoy the Wild Safari and experience the 1,200 exotic animals. You can check out the 6 exciting roller coasters. Sesame Place is a children's theme park, located just 30 minutes away. Based on the Sesame Street television program. It includes a variety of rides, shows, and water attractions.

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Explore the 270 sculptures at the Grounds for Sculpture Park. Guests can enjoy the 42 acres of park which includes an outdoor permanent collection and indoor seasonal exhibitions. Learn about contemporary sculpture through a variety of educational programs including workshops for adults and children and artist residencies and lectures. Enjoy a first class play at McCarter Theatre in Princeton.


Check the weather prior to visiting so you have the appropriate dress while here based on your activities. If visiting Princeton University for the first time, we recommend taking the free university tour that explains all about the history of the university. Additional complimentary parking is available for conference center attendees at 870 Scudders Mill Rd by the attached Holiday Inn Express.

Spor Alanı

Princeton University Athletics

Otele Mesafe: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM Güney Batı

Cure Insurance Arena

Otele Mesafe: 13 MI/ 20.92 KM Güney

Trenton Thunder Baseball - Jersey Flight

Otele Mesafe: 14 MI/ 22.53 KM Güney

Mercer County Park

Otele Mesafe: 10 MI/ 16.09 KM Güney Doğu

Sinema Salonu

Regal Market Fair

Otele Mesafe: 7.9 MI/ 12.71 KM North East

Tema Parkı

Sesame Place

Otele Mesafe: 24 MI/ 38.62 KM Güney Batı

Six Flags Great Adventure

Otele Mesafe: 33 MI/ 53.11 KM Güney Doğu

Yarış Pisti

Freehold Raceway

Otele Mesafe: 23 MI/ 37.01 KM Güney Doğu

Meadowland Racetrack

Otele Mesafe: 49 MI/ 78.86 KM North

Monmouth Racetrack

Otele Mesafe: 37 MI/ 59.55 KM Güney Doğu

Müze veya Galeri

Otele Mesafe: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM Güney Batı

Sightseeing Tours

Otele Mesafe: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM Güney Batı

Kolej veya Üniversite

Princeton University

Otele Mesafe: 4 MI/ 6.44 KM Güney Batı

Rider University

Otele Mesafe: 9 MI/ 14.48 KM Güney

The College of New Jersey

Otele Mesafe: 13 MI/ 20.92 KM Güney

Rutgers University

Otele Mesafe: 16 MI/ 25.75 KM North

Zoo or Aquarium

Adventure Aquarium

Otele Mesafe: 54 MI/ 86.9 KM Güney Batı

Golf Sahası

Mercer Oaks Golf

Otele Mesafe: 6 MI/ 9.66 KM Güney


Princeton Battlefield State Park

Otele Mesafe: 6.1 MI/ 9.82 KM North East


Princeton Public Library

Otele Mesafe: 4.7 MI/ 7.56 KM North East


Princeton United Methodist Church

Otele mesafe: 4.4 MI/ 7.08 KM North East


Islamic Circle of Mercer County

Otele Mesafe: 8.3 MI/ 13.36 KM North East


Beth El Synagogue

Otele Mesafe: 6.6 MI/ 10.62 KM Güney Doğu

Children's Activities

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