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En Yakın Şehir: Utrecht

Yerel Saat Dilimi: GMT+1

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Yakınlardaki Atraksiyonlar

Dom Tower
Rietveld Schröder House
St Martin's Cathedral
Miffy Museum
Castle de Haar

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Utrecht Central Station

Yakınlardaki İşletmeler



Utrecht Science Park

Regus - Utrecht Business Park


Amelisweerd : 3.23 MI/ 5.2 KM

Görülecek Yerler

Visit De Haar Castle, the largest castle in the Netherlands which was once a private residence. Whether you come to admire its park, its rich history, the exhibitions, or the gardens, you will be immersed in a different world.

Yapılacak Şeyler

Spend your afternoon strolling along the Oudegracht. Historical records confirm that the main canal that runs through Utrecht’s city centre is over 800 years old and may have been built upon a considerably older waterway. Over the years many subterranean warehouses have been constructed along the canal — a number of which now house cafés, stores and homes.


The new library of Utrecht at the Neude square has recently opened. Admire the architecture of the former post office from 1924. Three stories of national monument are transformed to the city's newest library which will also host a film room, theater room and two cafés.

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Taking in the view from the top of the Dom Tower. Climbing the Dom Tower is a wonderful opportunity to explore the city of Utrecht in an entirely different way. Via 465 steps, a guide will take you to the top of the highest church tower in the Netherlands.


Explore Utrecht and its surroundings by renting a bicycle on a sunny day. Cycle along the Oudegracht towards the Miffy Museum and further south to explore Rotsoord. If you are looking for a longer trip, head northwest outside of town and cycle all the way up to de Haar Castle.

Spor Alanı

Stadion Galgenwaard

Otele Mesafe: 1.99 MI/ 3.2 KM Güney Doğu

Sinema Salonu

Pathe Rembrandt Utrecht

Otele Mesafe: 0.81 MI/ 1.3 KM

Tema Parkı

Amusementspark Tivoli

Otele Mesafe: 55.92 MI/ 90 KM East

Yarış Pisti

Circuit Zandvoort

Otele Mesafe: 40.82 MI/ 65.7 KM Kuzey Batı

Müze veya Galeri

Otele Mesafe: 0.81 MI/ 1.3 KM Güney Doğu

Sightseeing Tours

Otele Mesafe: 0.53 MI/ 0.85 KM North East

Kolej veya Üniversite

Hogeschool Utrecht

Otele Mesafe: 3.54 MI/ 5.7 KM East

Utrecht University

Otele Mesafe: 0.93 MI/ 1.5 KM East

Zoo or Aquarium

DierenPark Amersfoort

Otele Mesafe: 14.11 MI/ 22.7 KM North East

Golf Sahası


Otele Mesafe: 3.23 MI/ 5.2 KM


Wilhemina Park

Otele Mesafe: 2.67 MI/ 4.3 KM




Ulu Camii Moskee


Chabad Lubavitch

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