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Gastronomie im Haus
For your dining pleasure, Link Café serves delicious western cuisine, while at JadeLink Garden the master chef serves authentic Cantonese favorites. Additionally, J-lounge, lobby bar serves an assortment of beverages as well as English high tea.

Restaurants im Hotel: 3

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11:00 Uhr - 20:00 Uhr


JadeLink Garden Chinese Restaurant

JadeLink Garden Chinese Restaurant is an elegant venue serving authentic Cantonese and Shanghai dishes, as well as other regional cuisines. What is more, for Dim Sum lovers, we offer an "All You Can Eat" lunch menu featuring types of Hong Kong style Dim Sum. Operation Time: from 11:00 to 14:00; 17:00 to 21:00

Ort: Located on the 1F of the hotel

Services: Mittagessen, Abendessen, Dessert

Öffnungszeiten: 11:00 Uhr-14:00 Uhr, 17:00 Uhr-20:30 Uhr

All Day Dining – Link Café

Link Cafe all day dining restaurant features a delicious breakfast buffet, a la carte menu of signature dishes and desserts. Link Cafe will surely add "taste" to your journey. Operation Time: from 11:00 to 20:30; Breakfast Time: from 06:30 to 10:00;

Ort: Located on the 1F of the hotel

Services: Frühstück, Mittagessen, Abendessen, Dessert

Öffnungszeiten: 06:30 Uhr-22:00 Uhr, 11:00 Uhr-20:30 Uhr

Lobby Bar J Lounge

J Lounge is the place for a casual business meeting or well deserved break. The lounge serves Chinese and Western teas, specialty coffees, refreshing cocktails and a selection of appetizing snacks. Operation Time: from 11:00 to 20:30

Ort: Located on the 1F of the hotel

Services: Dessert

Öffnungszeiten: 11:00 Uhr-20:30 Uhr

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