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Restaurante do hotel
From renowned chefs to iconic restaurants, Holiday Inn Chandigarh focuses on some of the world’s most revered cuisines, from the rich culinary heritage of the Subcontinent to popular Western and Oriental dishes.

Restaurantes no local: 1

Serviço de quarto disponível em Quartos executivos, Suítes e Quartos de

12:00 da manhã - 12:00 da manhã

Restaurantes do hotel


Café G is a vibrant and lively place featuring dishes from around the world, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner in a live kitchen style contemporary setting. The large glass window panes add life to the restaurant during the day and the restaurant's dramatic lighting makes it the ultimate place to dine in the evenings. The culinary offerings are complemented by the warm and attentive services of our staff

Localização: LOBBY LEVEL

Serve: Café da manhã, Brunch, Almoço, Jantar

Horas de operação: 6:30 da manhã-11:30 da tarde

Bares e Lounges do hotel

Stills Lounge & Bar

Stills is the place to meet, celebrate and rejuvenate be it a casual hang out with friends or a formal get together with colleagues. Enjoy an exclusive range of wines and spirits accompanying with western pub food offerings and feel most welcomed to ask the bartender to shake a cocktail of your choice

Localização: LOBBY LEVEL

Horas de operação: 11:00 da manhã - 12:00 da manhã

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