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Tantalise your taste buds as Holiday Inn Jaipur offers a wide range of dining options Start the day with breakfast at Monarch continuing with choice of authentic lunch at Chao or evening snacks and cocktails at RoadHouse Bar & Grill.

Tesis İçi Restoranlar: 4

Kokteyl Barı

Yönetici Odaları, Süit ve Oda Oda Servisi Saatleri:

12:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Restoranları

Monarch Restaurant

Monarch is the 132 covers restaurant of Holiday Inn Jaipur City Center which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner buffet. The restaurant also has an option of a la carte menu. All Day Dining also has a Private Dining Area where one can organize private parties. Enjoy a great meal with friends and family.

Yer: UG Floor

Hizmetler: Kahvaltı, Brunch, Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 6:00 ÖÖ-11:00 ÖS

Chao Chinese Bistro

Chao offers an exciting immersion in irresistible Chinese cuisine, prepared on the spot with an emphasis on simplicity and flavour. This open contemporary setting offers family style seating. Indulge in an array of uncomplicated yet authentic dishes that offer a modern spin on traditional recipes China and other popular culinary destinations. The dumpling noodle station offers savoury, made to order bowls, while our chef creates culinary drama with fast and delicious stir fries.

Yer: Lobby Level

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 7:00 ÖS-11:00 ÖS

Road House Bar and Grill

The Roadhouse grill and bar American style casual dining restaurant is a comfortable gathering place to meet for lunch or relax after a long day at work, to catch a game or share an appetizer and a cool drink with friends. For more casual dining, sit up at out bar and enjoy a selection of draft beers, premium spirits, cool cocktails and new world wines.

Yer: UG Floor

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği

Çalışma Saatleri: 11:00 ÖÖ-11:00 ÖS

Otel Barları ve Lobileri

Ten Kings Bar

Ten Kings is a quiet place where guest can enjoy fine spirits while enjoying our selection of books. The bar has very warm décor with plush interiors, high leather chairs, brass, mirror and wood overtones.

Yer: 1st Floor

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