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Holiday Inn Mexico Santa Fe

Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena 1400 -A

Centro Ciudad Santa Fe


Ciudad de Mexico, Ciudad de México



Check In: 3ÖS

Check Out: 1ÖS

Check-in Yaşı: 18


Mexico Santa Fe Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena 1400 -A Centro Ciudad Santa Fe

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North East
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4.97 MI/ 8 KM
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1.86 MI/ 3 KM East
Görülecek Yerler

Görülecek Yerler

Santa Fe that is characterized by new construction and engineering buildings with a great architecture in a modern environment the most famous are Tower Archs Bosques ("El Pantalon") and Calakmul ("La Lavadora"), also you could enjoy excellent international or specialties cuisine in recognized restaurants. For cultural and artistic venue visit the Banamex Santa Fe theatre.
Yapılacak Şeyler

Yapılacak Şeyler

If you have a break at work or a free weekend, you should take the Turibus; a day or night city tour that can show you the most important places in Mexico City such as Polanco, Condesa or the historic downtown. Chapultepec, the national park, is located in the middle of the city; there you can enjoy to the zoo or visit the Chapultepec Castle a very important historic place.
Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

Visit Garden Santa Fe, Samara Shopping Center and Santa Fe Mall; where you will find the most exclusive brands and department stores. There are also 4D cinemas, banks, airlines and car dealerships


Holiday Inn Santa Fe is perfectly located just a kilometer from the Expo Santa Fe where conventions, conferences, corporate and social events are held in an exclusive setting.