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Holiday Inn Express Qingdao Chengyang Central

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Qingdao is world famous for its seafood and beer. There are numerous local specialties to deliciously enjoy, such as sea cucumber, sea rice, squid shreds, fish fillets and roast shrimp. Qingdao Beer is brewed from the high quality barley, rice and hops and made with Laoshan mineral water which gives it its pure, authentic flavor and satisfying aftertaste.

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There are many leisure, shopping and sightseeing tourist attractions nearby the hotel. You can easily make your way to Lubang International Style Street, Wanxianghui Shopping Center, Qingdao Olympic Sculpture Culture Park, Sinology Park, Chengyang Century Park and other places that give Qingdao its unique cultural atmosphere.

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There are many kinds of seafood found in Qingdao, including a number of favorites such as sea cucumber, abalone, crab, squid, prawn and many more. Seafood is at the heart Qingdao cuisines where there are many famous, mouthwatering dishes, such as fried conch, abalone, fried spicy clam, shrimp with Chinese cabbage and sea cucumber with meat sauce among other delicacies Qingdao loved by both touris

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Fangte Playground is the largest playground in Shandong.

Attractions à proximité

  • Lubang International Style Street.
  • Qingdao Chengyang Century Park.
  • Qingdao Olympic Sculpture Cultural Park.
  • Guoxue Park.
  • Qingdao Fang Te Dream Kingdom.

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