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Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Pudong Airport

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Shanghai cuisine "fried dumplings"-crisp skin, thick juice, meat flavor, onion flavor, sesame flavor, all the delicious taste in the mouth for a long time refused to disperse. "Cooked chicken without makeup"-with beautiful shape, yellow skin and white meat, fat, tender and delicious taste is very delicious.

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Shanghai Disneyland is a fantasy park integrating fairy tales and dreams. No matter how old or young, you can feel creative, adventurous and exciting fun here! At night, the beautiful light and shadow show was staged in front of the fantasy fairy tale castle in Shanghai Disneyland, which made visitors feast their eyes.

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Shanghai "Oriental Pearl TV Tower" is a famous cultural tourist attraction. You can take the elevator directly to the sightseeing ball, with a panoramic view of Shanghai. At night, under the decoration of colorful lights, the huge sphere is dazzling and the city lights are more prosperous in the night.

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It is a good time to visit Shanghai in May and November. Spring catkin peach blossom is suitable for outdoor outing with family. You can enjoy peach blossoms in Nanhui, cherry blossoms in Gucun Park and tulips in Shanghai Flower Harbor. Autumn with red leaves is a good time for you to taste hairy crabs. The so-called "autumn wind is ringing, crab feet are itchy".

Attractions à proximité

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  • Japanese-style Onsen Gokuko
  • Mine Farm
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