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Xiamen is rich in local specialty products that embody the city’s novel characteristics. You might bring back sweet and savory pies, Cheung Hok-chun green fruit, pineapple cake or other traditional food items back to friends and relatives for them to enjoy. Or maybe a simple postcard depicting your journey is more your style. Either way, Xiamen will leave its mark on you.


There are many shopping and tourist attractions around the hotel. You can travel around with ease visiting Gulang Island, Xiamen University, Zengcuo'an Village and South Putuo Temple, among other places. We welcome you to enjoy the romantic sights of Xiamen.

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Every city has its own taste is delicious foods, and Xiamen is no exception. Soft and delicious, fired mini oyster with egg is one of the city’s truly famous specialties. And when you bite into traditional satay Satay noodle, you'll relish their pure flavor. Yes, Xiamen’s local cuisine will have your taste buds blooming.

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Holiday Inn Express Xiamen Lushan is situated along Jiahe Road in the heart of Xiamen. With its prime business district location, you’ll find yourself close to the action with a bustling array of shopping venues at your fingertips.

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