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Holiday Inn Express Mexico Reforma Yakınlarında Yapılabilecek Etkinlikler

Araştır Ciudad de Mexico

Almadan/Yapmadan Gitmeyin

The iconic Angel of Independence is near the hotel's location in Mexico City. This monument was dedicated in 1910 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Mexico's independence. She soars 35 meters and is attended by statues of Peace, Law, Justice and War.

Görülecek Yerler

Chapultepec Forest has been a favorite spot since the Aztec built a fortress there. Now guests of our Mexico City hotel head there to tour the impressive zoo, the imperial palace that is now the Museo Nacional de Historia or to enjoy the lake and paths.

Yapılacak Şeyler

The Anthropology Museum (Museo Nacional de Antropologia) in Chapultepec Forest is one of the best museums in Mexico City. Hotel guests may need extra days to see all 23 exhibit rooms and the treasures of the Olmec, Maya and Aztec cultures on display.

Yerel İpuçları

One of the advantages of our hotel's location in Mexico City is that you can catch a Turibus just across the street. The double-decker, open-air bus is a great way to tour the city with an audio guide in six languages and the option to get on and off.

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