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Restaurante do hotel

Restaurantes no local: 3

Pequeno-almoço completo gratuito

Buffet de pequeno-almoço gratuito

Pequeno-almoço continental gratuito


Champagne Bar

Serviço de entregas disponível para fora no restaurante

Serviço de quartos disponível: Quartos executivos, Suites e Quartos

12:00 da manhã - 12:00 da manhã

Restaurantes do hotel

The Market

Our new "build your own" concept restaurant offers a variety of the highest quality, fresh ingredients. The range is so interesting that you can create your own artisanal pizza. We also have an impressive salad bar, homemade soups and an exquisite selection of desserts and popular dishes, such as Yucca with fried pork belly. Enjoy your creations in its modern and tastefully decorated ambiance.

Dá acesso: Pequeno-almoço, Brunch, Almoço, Jantar, Sobremesa

Horário de funcionamento: 6:00 da manhã-11:00 da tarde

Factory Steak & Lobster

Offering variety in the highest quality meats and seafood. Factory Steak and Lobster has the best selection when it comes to having a delightful meal with our diverse menu and a selection of wines chosen by our sommelier. All within a fine atmosphere where you'll have an unforgettable experience.

Localização: In Hotel

Dá acesso: Brunch, Almoço, Jantar, Sobremesa

Horário de funcionamento: 11:00 da manhã-10:00 da tarde

NAU Lounge

Asian Cuisine restaurant you can enjoy fresh sushi rolls made at the moment, you can find more than 30 types of rolls. Niguiris, Asian Salads and canapes are available

Localização: First floor of the hotel lobby area

Dá acesso: Almoço, Jantar

Horário de funcionamento: 10:00 da manhã-12:00 da manhã

Bares e lounges de hotel

NAU Lounge

When you’re ready to leave the stress of the day behind, the Nau Lounge welcomes you with an upbeat atmosphere. From the hip outdoor terrace with live DJ music, to our sushi corner serving a variety of sushi rolls, tempura, sashimi and more. Nau is the only Bar in town offering a complete upscale experience and valet parking so you can enjoy the evening starting from the moment of your arrival.

Localização: First floor of the hotel lobby area

Horário de funcionamento: 10:00 da manhã - 11:00 da tarde