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Otelde Yemek
Overlooking the famous Amstel River, the Amstel Restaurant features local and fresh ingredients. As a true Amsterdam inhabitant, the Amstel Hotel proudly serves international fare with a Dutch twist.

Tesis İçi Restoranlar: 1

Kokteyl Barı

Oda Servisi Mevcuttur: Yönetici Odaları, Süit ve Oda

12:00 ÖÖ - 12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Restoranları

Amstel Restaurant

Nestled along the historic banks of the Amstel River, the Amstel Restaurant is a tale of culinary heritage meeting seasonal modernity. Rooted in authenticity, the menu narrates a vibrant story of flavours with Mediterranean comfort classics being its base and owning one of the most extensive wine lists in the city.

Yer: Located on level -1, overlooking the Amstel river.

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği, Akşam Yemeği, Tatlı

Çalışma Saatleri: 12:30 ÖS-10:00 ÖS

Amstel Afternoon Tea

The Amstel Lounge, nestled beneath an enchanting dome with river views, exudes elegance that intertwines heritage and modernity. Renowned for its seasonal afternoon tea, featuring ideal tea pairings, the lounge features traditional porcelain, adding a touch of our rich heritage to the magical ambiance. Bathed in natural sunlight, the lounge stands as the captivating heart of the hotel.

Hizmetler: Öğle Yemeği

Amstel Bar

The Amstel Bar is the perfect solution for those who wish for a contemporary luxury experience. Located in the city center of Amsterdam, the Amstel Bar is the ideal meeting location for local friends, as well as for international guests. Opening hours Monday to Friday from 17.00 till 00.00 and Saturday and Sunday from 14.00 till 00.00

Çalışma Saatleri: 5:00 ÖS-12:00 ÖÖ

Otel Barları ve Lobileri

The Amstel Lounge

The relaxed Amstel Lounge is an ideal meeting spot where you can sit beneath crystal chandeliers to enjoy fine wine, barista coffee and fabulous river views. Our indulgent High Tea features sweet and savoury treats created by the in-house patissier, while Late Tea adds special alcoholic infusions.

Çalışma Saatleri: 10:00 ÖÖ - 5:00 ÖS - 5:00 ÖS