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Rooted in the traditions of American regional cooking. Fieldings is first and foremost aimed at serving the locals. The modern timeless look and feel reflects the growing vibrant community it supports. Comforting heartfelt care and flavorful cooking ground this restaurant as a place to go often where everybody knows your name. Modernized classics of regional American culinary tradition with nods to home cooking. The menu is driven by products from local farms and purveyors.

Địa điểm: 1st Floor

Phục vụ: Bữa Sáng, BỮA TỐI

Giờ hoạt động: 6:30 SA-10:30 SA, 5:30 CH-10:00 CH

Sky Shed

No matter the season, you can head up to Sky Shed, the only rooftop bar and lounge in Bozeman, to take in the gorgeous mountain panorama while you unwind with a drink in hand. This stylish yet relaxed, glass enclosed hangout effortlessly blurs the lines between indoors and outdoors. Its vibrant, social vibe pairs well with a menu of creative cocktails, a curated list of beers and wines and fresh, locally sourced fare.

Địa điểm: 9th Floor

Giờ hoạt động: 3:00 CH-10:00 CH

Tune Up

Tucked away beneath Mendenhall Street Tune Up is a one of kind local bar that lives up to the idea of what a basement bar should be. Featuring live music weekly the lighting and the ceilings are low but the energy is high driven by our love for those who rock. Check out our events page you never know who might be stopping through for a live set. An expansive spirit library a broad offering of beers a list of inventive craft cocktails and a satisfying menu of bar snacks.

Địa điểm: Underground

Giờ hoạt động: 6:00 CH-11:00 CH, 6:00 CH-12:00 SA