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Nhà hàng của Khách sạn

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse

Rooted in American culinary traditions, Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse is a bold restaurant in downtown San Diego with chef driven cuisine. Revel in fresh seafood and prime cuts of our grade A beef, and pair it with a selection from our extensive award winning wine list. Set in a contemporary atmosphere, the restaurant features a dramatic staircase offering a transition from the ground level to the upper level, two bars, and floor to ceiling windows facing the harbor.

Địa điểm: First floor on corner of Broadway and Harbor Drive


Vistal Bar + Restaurant

With a fresh perspective on coastal cuisine, Vistal Bar and Restaurant offers the best dining in the area and incorporates locally sourced produce and goods to create unique dishes. Drawing inspiration from the Baja Peninsula, Pacific Islands, and Mediterranean fishing villages, Chef Matthew Richman takes guests on a transcendent culinary journey. Bask in the California sun while dining outdoors with spectacular views of the sparkling blue waters of the San Diego Bay.

Địa điểm: 3rd Floor

Phục vụ: Bữa Sáng, Bữa sáng muộn, BỮA TRƯA

Giờ hoạt động: 7:00 SA-10:00 CH


Located on the fourth floor rooftop next to the pool, Layover is a seasonal outdoor bar and lounge offering sweeping views of the Pacific coast. Guests can watch planes take off from San Diego International Airport as they relax on comfortable outdoor seating. Layover offers light fare, craft brews, house made cocktails and selections from an expansive list of red and white varietals.

Địa điểm: 4th floor rooftop


Giờ hoạt động: 12:00 CH-5:00 CH

Starbucks® Cafe

Starbucks is located on the first floor and offers handcrafted beverages, premium teas, fine pastries, and other delectable treats. Invigorate your day with artfully roasted high quality arabica coffee.

Địa điểm: 1st Floor

Phục vụ: Bữa Sáng, TRÁNG MIỆNG

Giờ hoạt động: 6:00 SA-5:00 CH


Enjoy fine dining in downtown San Diego. Garibaldi is our speakeasy style alfresco restaurant that takes culinary cues from the island of Sardinia. Meet with friends for brunch, sip Italian inspired cocktails, and take in the seaside views on the terrace for a special outdoor dining experience. Head indoors for an intimate dinner and savor our fresh seafood and handmade pasta.

Địa điểm: 3rd floor

Phục vụ: BỮA TỐI


Featuring decor inspired by nautical and shipboard mess halls, Seneca is our Roman trattoria located on the 19th floor. From bistecca Fiorentina to fresh pasta to Coda alla Vaccinara, indulge in Roman inspired dishes as you enjoy lively conversation with friends and family and admire the stunning rooftop views. Complement your meal with one of our five signature cocktails, spritz, long, fix, gin down, or whiskey agave.

Địa điểm: 19th Floor