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InterContinental Mzaar (Mountain Resort & Spa)

Concierge Nahaufnahme
Rita Beaino
Concierge Supervisor

It is a great pleasure to welcome you to InterContinental Mzaar. My concierge team is looking forward to being at your service. With our genuine sense of mountain hospitality, we hope to exceed your expectations and bring the Lebanese mountain experience to life.

Der perfekte Tag


In winter, after an energising mountain breakfast, take off on skis from the hotel's Refuge slope and explore the trails and pistes. If you are not a skier, we suggest snowmobiling across the mountains, admiring the scenery of the snow-covered peaks. At lunchtime, ski down to the hotel's Refuge Terrace and mingle with Lebanon's jet set. During the warmer seasons, wake up early, energise with a spoon of local mountain honey and take a 4x4 or ATV ride to Wardeh mountain. Hike to the top and pick some wild herbs. When back to the resort, refresh yourself in the pool and enjoy our famous breakfast on the terrace. We suggest fried eggs with mountain-cured minced lamb (awarma).


In winter, rejuvenate with a shower jet treatment at Les Thermes du Mzaar followed by a revitalizing massage. Now it is time to wind down in the lobby and sip on a hot chocolate by the crackling chimney fire. In spring, try spring skiing where you are pulled to the top behind a snowmobile to ski down the challenging glaciers. In summer and autumn, enjoy a picnic at Erzel El Rai, a traditional shepherd's hut on a mountain peak reached by 4x4s or ATVs. Then, see how locals prepare traditional Saj bread, honey and local cheese, or visit a local arak distillery to discover the secrets of this traditional Lebanese spirit.


In winter, take off on skidoo to La Cabane restaurant, located in the middle of the ski area. Here, you can enjoy local dishes and dance to oriental music until the early hours of the morning. During the warmer seasons, our award-winning Lebanese restaurant, Al Horr Tent, is a must. Discover Lebanon's unique folklore: see a traditional dabke dance, enjoy oud & tableh music and have tabbouleh prepared at your table by a lady chef from the local village.

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  • Adventure Tourism

    This region is known for its adventure sports, which take place all year round. In winter, enjoy alpine skiing, skate skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling. The rest of the year, guests can go mountain biking, hiking, climbing, rafting, paragliding, clay-pigeon shooting, horse riding, rappelling or take 4x4 drives to the Cedars of Lebanon and other remote mountain peaks.

  • Local Herbal Tea

    Our Fawaz mountain tea is famous for its health benefits. It is named after a staff member who picks the leaves in spring and summer at an altitude of over 2,000m. It helps digestion, prevents colds and flu and is good for the heart. It contains 13 mountain herbs, including wild mint, thyme, camomile, rosemary and fennel. The tea should be drunk without sugar to truly appreciate its flavour.

  • Mzaar Chapel

    At the summit of Mzaar mountain, at 2,467m, is the highest chapel in the Middle East. Built from the stone ruins of a small fortress that served in Roman times as a communication point between Baalbek Temple and the port of Byblos, it was a summertime refuge for the inhabitants of Faqra's Roman temple.

  • Ouyoun El Simane

    'Ouyoun' means 'water source' and 'el simane' means 'the shepherds'. The village Ouyoun El Simane was so named because of its abundant ponds which attracted shepherds from the nearby villages from May to November.

  • The Ski Area

    The resort has its own ski lift with direct access to 80km of trails linking 18 slopes. The ski season is similar in length to that of the Alps, lasting four to five months from December to April. The area is known for its good-quality snow; powdery on the surface and firm underneath. The slopes face north, which shields the snow from the sun.

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