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ANA InterContinental Manza Beach Resort

Concierge Nahaufnahme
Atsuko Sunabe
Guest Experience Manager

We look forward to welcoming you to our luxurious resort, locates on the private Manza Beach. Our team takes great pleasure to assist you planning your trips to explore the best Okinawa Island has to offer.

Der perfekte Tag


Start your day with a breakfast buffet offering a wide array of international dishes at Aqua Belle. For Club InterContinental guests, enjoy the gourmet breakfast with selections of dishes at the lounge. Afterward, take a leisure walk along the beach to explore our private Manza beach and view of Cape Manzamo. Later stop by the Okinawa Craft Village in Onna, you can watch local artisans creating colorful, traditional handmade Ryukyu glassware. And if you are fancy to make your own original piece, you can take part in a glass-blowing workshop.


Explore the underwater world on our Submarine Jr.II to experience the tropical fish and ocean creatures. The concierge can also arrange trips on the hotel's glass-bottomed boat, jet skis, and yacht cruises, as well as snorkeling and diving excursions. Alternatively, just an hour's drive away, visit the Churaumi Aquarium, one of the largest aquaria in the world. Its centerpiece is a vast tank housing whale sharks, manta rays and dozens of other fish species.


After a long day quenches your thirst at Bar Wavy with the selections of refreshment. Evening cocktails and canapes are also served for our Club InterContinental guests at the Lounge complemented with high-speed WIFI. As evening draws in, embark on a trip on our catamaran for the gorgeous views of Cape Manzamo from the water while watching the sunset over the East China Sea and starlight. For those who love adventure, the night diving trip is recommended. Then dine at our Japanese Find Dining Unkai with choice of sushi and teppanyaki specialties.

Wussten Sie schon?
  • Agu Pork

    Agu Pork is believed to have been imported at the end of the fourteenth century from China where was called “Min” at that time. It features long face and lop ears and resembles a boar. There were many Agu in Ryukyu Islands before World War Ⅱ, but the number significantly decreased because foreign pigs were introduced as Agu did not bear many babies. When it came down to only 18 Agu pigs left, they finally started to be protected and taken care of, and now the number recovered to 600. Agu pork is soft in texture, rich in fats yet only have a quarter of the cholesterol of normal pork. It is also high in collagen.

  • Cape Manzamo

    Cape Manzamo is a rock formation locates in Onna Village or just 5 minutes ride from the resort. In Japanese, it means a field for 10,000 people to sit. It is a famous spot among Japanese as well as foreigners to view the sunset.

  • Umibudo

    Umibudo or sea grapes, the famous algae, that is very popular among tourists and local Okinawans. The taste is slightly salty and oceanic fresh. It is rich with vitamins and minerals. The consumption of sea grapes might be one of long live secrets for Okinawans.

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