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InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin

Concierge Nahaufnahme
沈祺锋 Jimmy Shen
Welcome to InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin!

Welcome to InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin! I am Jimmy Shen, hotel chief concierge. Satisfaction and surprise is our commitment. Great hotels that guests love is our vision. Thank you for staying with us, we will do our best to bring you a memorable experience.

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A perfect day since the hotel, first of all, in the rising sun, wear your sports shoes and sportswear in the hotel jogging, breathing the fresh air, enjoy the birds sing, then out of hotel and walking on the streets and lanes for roadside stalls and restaurants, try typical breakfast in Shanghai, Then walk to the hotel in the vicinity of Fuxing Park, where you can see many people exercise there are running, boxing, have feel the atmosphere there, And back to the hotel to take a bath, change continue to proceed, drove to the hotel not far from the Jing An Temple, learn about Shanghai people how to pray, can also buy some bless yourself and your families as souvenir, enjoy the delicious vegetarian over there


Drove to the people's Square ( along the way you can see Shanghai's famous shopping street of Nanjing Road ) Shanghai Museum and Shanghai Urban and suburban planning exhibition hall, Understanding of China 's history as well as the past and the future of Shanghai, a taste of Shanghai Grand Theater of the modern architectural style, and then go to Yu Garden, enjoy having an antique flavour of Chinese classical buildings as well as in a small commodities, art and souvenir shops, take afternoon tea in Lv bo Lang if you tired, but don't forget to taste delicious Shanghai Xiao Long Bao, about five thirty leave and drove to the Bund, walking along the Huangpu River, enjoying sundowners the beautiful scenery on both sides of Huang Pu Jiang with different styles


Suggest you go to watch the Chinese classic acrobatics show in evening, where you can see the superb skill and make your heart out show, after the end of the show to the Xin Tia Di which is located Huaihai business Road, You will see a Shanghai Shikumen building into the set catering, entertainment, leisure in one of the leisure pedestrian street, looking for a loving restaurant, suggest you sit outside if the weather is not cold, so you will be in the countries with ethnic music and delicious food spent a memorable night

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  • The Former Residences

    Shanghai has many former residences, such as Mao Zedong‘s, Zhou Enlai's, Sun Yat-Sen's, Lu Xun's, Song Qinglin's, Cai Yuanpei's and so on, which make you feel the clock back, place oneself among them, in-depth understanding of celebrity living life, preferences and story.

  • The Maglev Train

    Shanghai maglev train is the world's fastest train, only 8 minutes 30 seconds will be able to speed of 431 kilometers per hour from Longyang Road subway station to Shanghai Pudong International Airport.

  • Jackie Chan Film Gallery

    The 4,000-square-meter space in a renovated factory covers the legendary star's film and charity career spanning more than 50 years.Action legend Jackie Chan personally chose the location for this world's first museum bearing his name in Shanghai's Putuo District in the Changfeng Ecological Commercial Zone.Tens of thousands of props, costumes and items Chan has used in his movies will be put on exhibit.

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