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InterContinental Huizhou Resort

Concierge head shot
Philip Cheung
Chief Concierge

Welcome to the InterContinental Huizhou Resort. Our concierge staff are pleased to assist you in creating lasting memories. With the hot spring pool, SPA and Golf Club, there has never been a better time to experience Huizhou City.

Choses à faire
Une journée parfaite.


local residents like to do their morning exercise in their gardens, they do Taichi, jog around and ancient martial art body movemnet which is said to improve inner qigong, after that they go to an open market to buy some vegetable and meat for the preparation of their lunch and dinner. Most Cantonese who don't have work to do or in their vacation will go to a Cantonese restaurant to have breakfast they called "morning tea" where they can enjoy various kinds of tea and varieties of delectable dim sum. normally their breakfast will last untill 11:00am. it is a good opportunity for you to bring the whole family and enjoy the cantonese morning tea ritual.


Opposite the main entrance of the West Lake, there is curious bazaar selling a wide range of ancient antiques and handicrafts. Here you may find treasures of exquisite workmanship such as bronze wares, Chinese jades, ceramics, wood carvings, traditional Chinese paintings, calligraphy and red porcelain teapots. The 500 year old street is like a large magnetic field, attracting experts and merchants from home and overseas to seek for treasures maybe you can find your own piece of treasure to take home. A relaxing walk around west lake where you may sit in one of the numerous pavilions to enjoy a cup of tea with the locals.


A perfect evening at the resort would be soaking in the hot spring pool while watching the stars filled sky over head. We can also arrange a private dinner for you. additionally you may Indulge yourself at our spa with the many soothing spa treatments we have.

Le saviez-vous ?
  • Smoking Ban

    Smoking is prohibited in all indoor public places, such as restaurants, bars, karaokes, mall and also on public transport carriers, swimming pools, escalators. Anyone found smoking or carrying a lighted cigarette, cigar or pipe in designated 'No smoking areas' are liable to a penalty fine.


    Huizhou gradually gained benefit from the Chinese economic reform in the late 1980s. The bloosm of real estate market attracted capital investment from Hong Kong and Taiwan, together with the establishment of factories and plants by these foreign investment. In the provincial economic development strategy, Huizhou is regarded as a site for a world-class petrochemical industry, as well as the hub for solidifying information technology, and expanding exports and trades.


    Maybe you have heard about the west lake in Hangzhou city, China, which is famous for its beautiful sceneries. There is also a beautiful west lake In Huizhou. There are 36 west lakes among China. Huizhou west lake is one of the three most famous lakes. Walking along the bank adn rowed on the lake, it looks especially lovely in spring time. The tree were germinating and the flowers were in blossom. Welcome to Huizhou and enjoy this beautiful scenery.

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