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InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise

Mr. John Yang
Chief Concierge

Warm greeting from InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise! I am Mason, Front Office Manager. Our aim is to help you to experience the new things and local custom which can enrich your life and bring something back to share with someone you do care and love.

Choses à faire
Une journée parfaite.


Morning: When the soft morning light shines through the window, another wonderful day of vacation begins. Push open the window, see sunshine through the thin fog drifting around the forest, wake up to the serenity of the distant mountains, and let the sweet bird tweets awaken your mind. Change into your sports gear, take a stroll or a jogging around the path in the forest encircling the hotel. Inhale that fresh air filled with the life force of nature as the breeze caresses your face. The morning dews on leaves and flowers glisten magically under the rays of light that shine through the thick canopy, while your body and spirit instinctively discover the perfect equilibrium. As the sun rises higher, return to the hotel, enjoy a soothing shower, put on some new clothes, then head to the hotel's elegant dining area and find satisfaction in a scrumptious breakfast.


Afternoon: After breakfast, bring along your travel gear and explore the wonders of this western Sichuan highland. Take advantage of the direct shuttle from the hotel to World Heritage Site Jiuzhaigou, where you will surely be amazed by the unrivaled scenery. Or drive toward the world-renowned Huanglong Scenic Area, and revel in the fascinating travertine pools that combine into a fairytale land in the human realm. There are surprises waiting for you on the way to the destination, such as Tibetan villages where you may experience a different kind of ambiance and taste some unique local snacks. Or you might encounter sacred mountains or ancient shrines where devout Tibetans pray, then do as the locals do and throw up longda, pieces of prayer paper, in the air to pay homage to heaven and earth, pray for good fortune, and cleanse your spirit at a Tibetan temple. Another option would be a trip to the Aiqing Lake Scenic Zone adjacent to the hotel, slow down your stroll, enjoy the various recreational activities in the region, and laugh out loud. All these experiences will comprise your fantastic experience at InterContinental Resort Jiuzhai Paradise.


Evening: As sunset turns into dusk and into the night, the hotel turns into another realm. Bright light passes through the glass dome overhead and mingles with the stars above. Release all your tiredness in this paradise. You may opt for a restaurant of choice housed in one of the Qiang village dwelling-inspired buildings and savor a scrumptious meal, or relax with friends at the Tianyu Spa and pamper yourself. Another option would be the Tibetan bar, sit around the fire pit, enjoy a drink and shared all those marvels you saw earlier during the day. When time comes to sleep, slumber away with all the joys of the day.

Le saviez-vous ?
  • Unique geographical location

    Known as the "Fairyland on Earth". Jiuzhaigou sits on 103° 46' – I04° 4 ' E and 32° 15 ' – 33° 19' N, within the boundary of Jiuzhuigou CountyT, TAba Prefecture and Sichuan. It lies between the southwest margin of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and at the north foot of Duo'ema Mountain Range, with an average, Taltitude between 2,000 and 3,000 meters, and a distance of about 435 kilometres from Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. To its east, Jiuzhaigou neighbours both the Baihe River Nature Reserve and the Wangling Nature Reserve, Tand to its south is the Huanglong Place of Scenic Interest. TJiuzhaigou covers a total area of 720 square kilometres, with a periphery zone of 600sqm and a buffer zone of 110sqm.

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