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InterContinental Xiamen

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Riding on Roundabout Road + Sailing In Xiamen, a beautiful coastal city, you can walk or cycle around the Huandao Road in the morning, enjoy the waves and the moment of peace with the beautiful pictures of blue sky, sea, beach, green land and flowers blooming all the year round. After breakfast, you can go to Xiangshan Yacht Marina to experience yacht/ sailing, sail from Xiamen's largest Mazu statue to pray at sea, pass the White Dolphin Conservation Area, and enjoy the scenery of Taiwan Jinmen Island.


Gulangyu Island (snack + afternoon tea + sunset on beach) At noon, take a boat to Gulangyu Island from the Cruise Center's Xiagu Ferry Terminal. The "World Architecture Expo" will take you to see thousands of different Chinese and foreign buildings on the island that combine Chinese and Western styles. Lin's Fish Ball, Ye's Paste, Zhang Sanfeng Milk Tea and many other delicious snacks will make your trip unforgetable. After that, you can go to the beach and experience the leisure time of walking on the beach of the southern island in the gentle breeze accompanied by the afterglow of the sunset.


Sea View Restaurant + Night View + Zhongshan Road) When you return to Xiamen from Gulangyu Island, you can go to the Seaview Restaurant while overlooking Gulangyu Island, enjoying the night view of Lujiang Road, and tasting all kinds of special dishes in Xiamen. After dinner, you can walk to Zhongshan Road, the most prosperous pedestrian street in Xiamen. Here we retain a relatively complete old city block showing modern historical features, with a small walking road, China's first holy church and many other cultural relics. Nanyang arcade buildings, colorful LED night view, a wide variety of Fujian and Taiwan special snacks, echoes in the alleys and neighborhoods of the old Nanyin, constitute its distinctive style characteristics.

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  • Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum

    Xiamen Overseas Chinese Museum, founded in 1956, is the world's only exhibition hall for overseas Chinese historical materials.

  • Xiamen Shanhai Healthy Walking Trail

    Xiamen Shanhai Healthy Walking Trail is about 23 kilometers long, starting from the cruise terminal and ending at Guanyin Mountain Fantasy Beach. Along the route, there is a huge Yun Dang Lake, Huwei Mountain, Xianyue Mountain, Yuanshan Mountain, Xueling Mountain, Hu Tou Mountain, Jinshan Mountain, lakeside reservoir, Wuyuan Bay, Hu Zai Mountain, Guanyin Mountain and other "eight mountains and three rivers" in the island.

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