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InterContinental Koh Samui Resort

Front Desk Hotel:66-77-429100 Faks Hotel:66-77-423220


The function room is fully equipped to host a range of gatherings, whether for work-related meetings in an intimate boardroom setup or small cocktail parties; with views onto the Gulf of Thailand.

Peralatan & Pasokan

  • Proyektor - Digital
  • Proyektor - LCD
  • Proyektor - Overhead
  • TV - LCD
  • TV - Plasma
  • Pemutar DVD
  • Modem Kabel
  • Telekonferensi
  • Konferensi Video
  • Mimbar
  • Mikrofon
  • Lampu Panggung
  • Landasan yang Ditinggikan
  • Papan Tulis Putih
  • Flip Chart & Spidol
  • Papan Buletin
  • Pena & Alas Tulis
Kapasitas menurut Tata Letak
Ruang Acara
Ruang rapat
Ruang Kelas
Bentuk U
Persegi Kosong
Jamuan Makan
The Taling Ngam Meeting Room
  • Kaki
  • Meter
Ruang Acara
Ukuran Ruang (PxL)
Area Persegi M
Ketinggian Plafon
Ukuran Pintu (TxL)
Level Lantai
Pencahayaan Alami
The Taling Ngam Meeting Room
12.2 X 9.35

Truly memorable meetings and events with authentic local flavour – that is the inspiration behind the InterContinental Insider Collection.


Exclusive to InterContinental Meetings, our Insider Collection provides a range of delegate experiences that are rooted in the destination and draw on our unrivalled local knowledge to create truly engaging, personalised meetings and events. These are carefully chosen to energise delegates with locally-inspired and authentic experiences, whilst ensuring the high service levels that people have come to expect from InterContinental Hotels & Resorts. Tailored to each occasion, these can range from interactive off-site team-building activities through to stimulating local speakers, or the opportunity for delegates to contribute to projects that benefit the surrounding community and environment.


The Insider Collection is inspired by our global network of hotels and resorts and our team’s wealth of local knowledge and connections. The result, as more and more planners are discovering, is memorable meetings and events with real local flavour.



Choose an InterContinental venue for your event and a world of possibilities opens up. As locals, your hotel team hold the key to a side of your locality tourists never see. What and who they know gives you an exclusive mix of authentic venues and experiences to play with.



With Insider Collection even your breaks are fulfilling experiences. From serving up a delicious lunch of provincial dishes for a taste of regional cuisine to spending some quality time with your Concierge team to get their best insider tips, a few minutes out of your busy schedule becomes a whole experience in itself.



This team-building experience will help your delegates connect with each other as never before. Using the unique character, heritage or geography of your destination to inspire interaction, each experience, whether based on or offsite offers an original way to engage delegates and motivate them to build effective working relationships.



Bring your event to life with an inspirational speaker – someone who can really strike a chord with your delegates and enrich their experience beyond measure. Fascinating and engaging, motivating Insider Speakers range from celebrities and cultural experts to sporting heroes. Whatever their passion, they all have a local connection and you will discover that their unique insights and local know-how make your event one to remember.



There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the community to gain an added depth and understanding to your experience in a new destination. Insider Community has been designed to benefit local people and create truly memorable and meaningful experiences for your delegates too.