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InterContinental Century City Chengdu

Concierge head shot
Mr. Steven Gu
Chief Concierge

A warm welcome to InterContinental Century City Chengdu! All of us at the Concierge desk are looking forward to serving you and to sharing with you all the great experiences Chengdu has to offer to make your stay with us more enjoyable and memorable.

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Good morning, everyone! One Hour: Tai Chi Come and learn some traditional Chinese martial arts by doing Tai Chi in the morning in the lobby of the hotel. It's the best opportunity to experience how locals maintain good health. A coach is always available for assistance. At the most famous endangered animal. You must have heard about giant panda. Visit the base, the best time is early in the morning before 9:30am, two reasons as following: 9:30 is the time when the panda are fed, so pandas tend to be more active during this time than the other hours of the day, after their breakfast, if we are lucky enough, you will see them playing with water or climbing the trees just like in wild, it takes about 2 hours to visit the base. Also you can hold the baby panda and take pictures with the lovely baby pandas. After the nice panda trip, let us to Du Fu Thatched Cottage, It was DU fu's former residence, originally named Chengdu Thatched Cottage. Du Fu and his family moved to Sichuan, built the thatched cottage and settled here to flee from the An-Shi Rebellion. Now, Du Fu Thatched Cottage has become an architectural complex, typical of the civilian residences in wesyern Sichuan, combining Du Fu's former residence with a memorial hall and traditional gardens.


Now, we will be arriving at Wuhou Temple ( Zhugeliang Memorial Hall), in the history of every country, there are heroes of every time period that have performed such amazing feats and deeds, that they become legends. The fame and stories of these legends become a part of the very culture that bred them, and that are told from generation to generation. In China, Zhugeliang, the Prime Minister of Shu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period, is respectfully called “Wuhou” (or Martial Marquis) and honoured by people for his outstanding military exploits and intelligence. But, above all, he is honored for his loyalty. He is one such hero. No record indicates the exact date of the construction of Wuhou Temple, but the one thing that is certain is that this temple was indeed built to honour Liu Bei, The Emperor of Shu Kingdom, reading the tablet on the main gate, four Chinese characters state that this is the “Zhao Lie Temple of Han Dynasty", here “ Zhaolie” refers to the Emperor Liu Bei. So why do people refer to this as the Wuhou Temple, despite the strict hierarchical system of reverence that is one of the many things China is known for? The answer is that even today, after all these centuries past, Zhugeliang’s brilliant achievements continue to prevail over the emperor’s fame. Now, It is almost 16:00pm, just nearby the Wuhou Temple, there is a very famous Ancient Street named “ JinLi”, Jinli was one of the oldest commercially busiest streets in the history of western Kingdom of Shu. Today, it is still one of the most popular streets in Chengdu. Every evening, the big red lantern are lit, and many colourful activities are held to display the cultural practices of the ancient Kingdom of Shu. Unlike the Wuhou Temple or the other historical scene spots, you do not really need to know the background of the Shu Kingdom or Sichuan to enjoy the authentic Chinese atmosphere.


Now, it is the time for dinner, Chengdu is famous for its HOT POT. Chengdu hotpot is hot and spicy, with a long lasting flavor. Under the collective name there is a variety of different special ties, such as ox offal hotpot, mutton hotpot. fish hotpot, etc. There are some other types of hotpot that are also very popular, such as the seafood hotpot, and the ice cream hotpot. Altogether there are more than ten types, and several hundred different menus for hotpot. On the opposite page are some dishes common to a hotpot menu. Hotpots served with a pot of cooking oil with various flavorings and seasonings.This determines the basic favor of various hotpots. You will also receive a small sauce dish and other spices and seasonings. Such as sesame oil mashed garlic, coriander, salt, oyster oil, peanut powder ,chili pepper powder, etc. After you order your dishes, wait until the pot is boiling and then add your food items. After a minute or two (depending on the items), pick the items up with your chopsticks or the slotted spoon and put them into the sauce dish. Stir them around and enjoy.

Lo sapevi?
  • Sichuan Opera

    The most amazing stunt in Sichuan Opera is Face Changing. It is an unique thrill to see opera players repeatedly swipe a hand across his face,instantly replacing one mask with another.

  • Sichuan Tea Culture

    It is said that “China has the best tea house in the world and Chengdu has the best teahouse in China.” Be sure to try Sichuan Tea at least one time.

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