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InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun

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Dingen om te doen


After breakfast, pack your stuff and go. Your first destination is the centre of Beijing, the Forbidden City. Standing inside the huge palace complex, you can be amazed by the solemnity of these ancient imperial structures. You are advised to do some homework beforehand to avoid getting lost or separated from friends. After visiting the Forbidden City, walk along to the south and you will encounter the time-honoured Dashila, a street lined with Zhonghua Laozihao (China Time-Honoured Brand) shops that now exist amid a variety of other restaurants, shops and bars. It will be lunch time now, so take time to enjoy Beijing roast duck at the famed Quanjude Qianmen Restaurant.


After lunch, you can go to Temple of Heaven, The photo and pattern of the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest can be seen from almost any vantage point. Here you can see amazing examples of China’s imperial architecture, unique building and experience local people’s lives. Many senior residents bring children and grandchildren to the park relax and play; some people write calligraphy on the ground with water. People’s activities here are a unique feature of Beijing’s cultural life. If you exit the East Gate of the Temple of Heaven, you will encounter the Hongqiao Pearl Market across the street. The market is full of pearl decorations, souvenirs and special products.


Your next stop will be the Dawanju restaurant, you can try to eat the noodles with soybean paste and some Beijing local snacks. After enjoy the food, you may go to the Huguang Guild Hall to enjoy the Beijing opera. Then you can be thinking of taking a rest or returning to your hotel.

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  • Beijing Hutongs

    In Beijing, there are numerous hutongs. The life of common people in hutongs brings endless charm to the ancient capital, Beijing. The hutong in Beijing is not only the living environment of common people but also a kind of architecture. Usually, there is a courtyard complex inside hutong, with rooms shared by 4 to 10 families of about 20 people. Therefore, life in hutongs is full of friendliness and genuine humanity. Nowadays, with rapid social and economic development, many hutongs are replaced by new tall buildings. I hope hutongs can be preserved.

  • Beijing Cuisine

    As for cooking native to Beijing, the most popular methods are roasting, frying, stewing, braising, and steaming. A prime example of Beijing cuisine is the Beijing Roast Duck. Another favorite Beijing meal is Shuanyangrou or "Hot Pot", which is especially popular in the cold Beijing winter months.Around the Chunjie or Chinese Lunar New Year holiday, Beijingers make meat dumplings called Jiaozi that are a special part of northern Chinese cuisine. Beijing's strong Muslim community with both Beijing's local Muslims and others who migrate from Xinjiang and other parts of China lends its own flavors to the mix that is modern Beijing. Perhaps the most unbeatable dining is to experience the cuisine of the Imperial kitchen. As a great international city, Beijing also offers many choices in western and non-Chinese cuisine and the range of International cuisine here should satisfy even the most westernised of palates. Beyond this, there are plenty of fast food options, handy your shopping expeditions or whenever you just need a cheeseburger. McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Starbuck's Coffee, Subway Subs and Dunkin-Donuts have all established chain stores in the city.