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InterContinental Residences Chengdu City Center

Concierge head shot
Michael Fu
Chief Concierge

Welcome to InterContinental Residences Chengdu City Center. Our dedicated Concierge team will help you get the most out of your stay in Chengdu. We hope you enjoy this fantastic city in all its festive glory.

Dingen om te doen


Giant panda is one of the world's most precious endangered animals, known as a living fossil. Only about 1,000 pandas remain in the wild, mainly in Sichuan and Shanxi provinces. There are about 160 pandas in captivity worldwide. Chengdu panda base is a famous panda research and conservation base with panda theme park, youth science activity base and country park


It is said that Jin Li is one of the oldest and most commercial streets in the history of western Shu. Today's Jin Li relies on Wuhou temple in Chengdu, the spirit of qin, han and three kingdoms as its soul, the appearance of Ming and Qing dynasties as its appearance, and the folk customs and folk customs in western Sichuan as its content, expanding the extension of the culture of The Three Kingdoms.


The local cinema in Chengdu offers a variety of the latest movies for movie lovers to enjoy. Local newspapers, magazines and the Internet have the latest cinema information, with more than 100 cinemas in Chengdu.

Wist je dat?
  • 144 Hours Visa-free Transit

    Transit passengers from 53 countries, including the US, Canada and all members of the EU, can spend up to 144 hours in Chengdu without a visa. This visa-free policy allows visitors with visas and plane tickets to a third country to transit through Chengdu and enjoy a visa-free stay.