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InterContinental Guangzhou Exhibition Center

Watson Lv
Chief Concierge

Welcome to the one of the best cities in the world. Well, we would say that, after all, it's our home. We want you to love being in Guangzhou as much we do, from here, we hope this journey gives a taste of what it feels like to be a local in Guangzhou.

Dingen om te doen


“Have you yum cha (drink tea)?” which is the common morning greeting in Guangzhou as Cantonese are so fond of drinking tea. Guangzhou Restaurant is located in Wenchang Road, founded in 1935 and awarded the “Best Restaurant in Guangzhou”. In the morning, a lot of people will drink tea and eat different kinds of dim sum in the restaurant. It reflected that yum cha is an important part of a Cantonese’s life. After yum cha, take about 15 minutes walking distance, you will arrive a very exotic attraction in Guangzhou – Shamian Island. Since Song Dynasty, it has been an essential foreign trade port and a popular tourist destination. More than 150 European style buildings were built on this 0.3square mile island.


Lychee Bay is located Simayong in Liwan Road from 206 BC which is the historical place of Lingnan culture. Pan Xi Restaurant, located by Liwan Lake, is one of the most famous garden restaurants in Guangzhou. A poem of Lychee Bay “A clear river runs quietly through Lychee Bay with all the lychee trees along the bank bending low with red fruits.” Amid the bustling city center, the new Lychee Bay is as tranquil as a secluded town. Acclaimed as the crown of its kind in Guangzhou, Chen Clan Academy is renowned for its sophisticated decoration which stands for the epitome of Cantonese folk decorative arts. Guangzhou Tower (Slim Waist), a height of 600 meters, the tallest TV & Sightseeing Tower in China. It symbolizes Guangzhou’s courage to embrace challenges and its commitment to become a more international city.


Pearl River Pati Beer Culture Creative Zone located the Pati station of the Haizhu tram. It is next to the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center in which it is the postmodern event venue blended of China beer and Lingnan culture. There are a wide variety of restaurants in the Pearl River Pati. After a busy day, it is an ideal place to relax with the wonderful night view of Pearl River and an array of cuisine.

Wist je dat?
  • The Maritime Silk Road of China

    More than 2,000 years ago, Guangzhou was the starting point in the Maritime Silk Road opening transportation route and trade between China and rest of the world.