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InterContinental Hanoi Westlake

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Mr. Lacto Huynh
Chief Concierge

Xin chao! Our Concierge team is available to assist you with anything you may require, not only best restaurants, shoppings, museums or theatres, but also we will share with you something truly authentic. To us it is called "In The Know". Cam on.

Dingen om te doen


Begin your day by visiting Hoan Kiem (Lake of the Restored Sword), then cross the legendary red-painted The Huc bridge to enter Ngoc Son Temple (Jade Island), which is located right in the heart of the city. Later, have a Vietnamese breakfast with a bowl of Pho Bo and a cup of Vietnamese coffee ("café sua da"). Then, take a trip to the Hanoi Roman Catholic Saint Joseph Cathedral, the city's largest and oldest cathedral. After that, take a cyclo ride or stroll around the Old Quarter, which is made up of 36 old streets named after the kind of items or crafts that were once created or sold there, such as Hang Dao (Silk Street) and Hang Bac (Silver Street), among others. Look for handicrafts such as embroidered tablecloths, lacquer pottery, and silver jewelry at various stores or street vendors.


It is advised to have lunch at Cha Ca La Vong. The seasoned and dipped fresh grilled fish will delight your taste sensations while filling up your empty stomach in preparation for your afternoon adventures. Continue your adventure by seeing the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, which features the distinctive One Pillar Pagoda and the majestic Presidential Palace, followed by a visit to the Temple of Literature, Vietnam's first national university. On your route to the Temple of Literature, stop through Hoa Lo—Hanoi Prison—at 1 Hoa Lo Street for a look at a very historically significant site. The afternoon tour closes with Tran Quoc Pagoda and Quan Thanh Temple, one of four Sacred Temples that safeguard Ha Noi.


Watch the sunset by taking a short walk down Thanh Nien Route, a calm street that links two gorgeous lakes in Hanoi: West Lake and Truc Bach Lake. The red-orange sun gradually sets at dusk, the sky turns violet, and golden rays transform the sea into shimmering waves. It's gorgeous, and all you have to do is sit back and take in the scenery. Take in a Thang Long Water Puppet Theater after a long day of living like a local and shopping to your heart's delight. A one-of-a-kind Northern Vietnamese traditional performance. After that, go for a stroll to Ta Hien. The street is barely 200 meters long, yet it is one of the busiest in the Old Quarter. Ta Hien provides both ancient and new Hanoi. The street is also recognized for some of the greatest Vietnamese street dishes that are must-try for visitors.

Wist je dat?
  • Long Bien Bridge

    Long Bien bridge has designed by French architect Gustave Eiffel who designed Eiffel Tower, France icon as well. It was completed in 1903 and is the famous bridge in Hanoi's people memory. Long Bien bridge has went through 2 wars and bombs but still standing until today. Long Bien bridge is not open for car so you can walk along this bridge in the morning to see the sunrise or sunset in the evening.

  • Old Quarter

    The 36 streets that make up the Old Quarter has a 2000-year-old history of commerce. Each street is named after and often still linked to the artisanal trade specific to it. The Old Quarter also houses countless bars and pubs and is also best known as a melting pot of delicious street food.

  • Handcraft villages in Hanoi

    Hanoi is home to an abundance of exquisite handcraft villages such as the Bat Trang village which specializes in making pottery and the Chuong village which is known for making conical hats. These villages are perfect for learning about the decorated history and culture of Hanoi. Moreover, travelers can also learn new skills like making pottery or making conical hats.